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The 2018 Medical Mutual Central Ohio Pillar Award for Community Service

For nearly a decade, we have honored many great companies and organizations whose employees have gone above and beyond to invest their time and resources in supporting our community.

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The 2018 Medical Mutual Central Ohio Pillar Award for...

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R&D DrivenRich Lunak and Innovation Works continue to change the startup world

Innovation Works' Rich Lunak shares how AlphaLab Gear got started and what's happening in product development today.

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Rich Lunak and Innovation Works continue to change the...

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Signet’s unique leadership approach separates it from the pack

Private equity firms often get a bad rap. They can be characterized as cold-blooded, willing to eviscerate an acquired company […]

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Signet’s unique leadership approach separates it...

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The Fedeli GroupServant leader: Umberto P. Fedeli finds value in every relationship

It doesn’t matter if he’s functioning as president and CEO at The Fedeli Group, as a board member at the Cleveland Clinic or as a trusted confidant who has been asked by a friend for help. Umberto P. Fedeli plays to win.

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Servant leader: Umberto P. Fedeli finds value in every...


How to help your employees be smart health care consumers

Employers are starting to understand the importance of helping their employees make informed health care decisions — but few know how to do it. HealthLink's Bridgette Bock shares tips to help change that.

Keeping nurses happy should be a top priority for health care organizations

Sentact's Chris Dube looks at the factors that lead to nurse turnover and how organizations can make improvements to keep them happy so they're less likely to leave.

Is your company prepared to respond to claims of sexual harassment?

Semanoff Ormsby Greenberg & Torchia's Michael J. Torchia explores sexual harassment policies: how a company should prepare to respond ahead of any allegations, and the role attorneys play in the event of an emergency.

Accountants can help family business owners protect assets after a divorce

When the assets of one or both spouses include a family business, divorce proceedings get complicated. Robert Evans, a senior manager at Clarus Partners, shares his thoughts on divorce, business valuations and how accountants can help.

Understand your cyber vulnerabilities, and what you can do about them

A greater reliance on technology comes with concerns about security and hacking — especially for those that can’t monitor their systems to know if they’re being attacked. Paul Sems, general manager at Blue Technologies Smart Solutions, talks cyber vulnerabilities.