A collaborative spirit

Be willing to make the same sacrifices
as your employees.
You cannot
expect employees to do the
things that you’re not willing to
do yourself. When you ask employees for sacrifices, you need
to be the first one to sacrifice.

When you make a decision,
always ask yourself the question, ‘Is this the way I like to be
treated?’ In other words, put
yourself in the shoes of your
employees. If you ask that question every time you make an
important decision, you’re going
to be better prepared to answer.

Putting yourself in another’s
shoes is necessary, but the
inevitable next step is addressing
the fallout from difficult decisions.
Communicating clearly and
honestly is the simple approach.

Communicate openly with employees.
Communication has to be two-way, it’s not just you sending
messages. It’s a variety of
means, but the point is that you
reinforce the issues, you reinforce your vision all the time.

When you set up a goal or
vision, you just don’t set it at the
beginning of the year and forget
about it, because it’s human
nature that people tend to forget
or go in other directions, so you
have to constantly be reminding
your colleagues of the importance of the goals.

What you try to do is make it
simple so everyone understands
it. And then you have the opportunity to relate to different
groups on common interests.
For example, with the faculty …
it’s a little bit different discussion than when I talk with financial aid advisers. And different
when I talk to the custodians.

Listen to employees. People are
smart. When you meet with
employees or ask them for
feedback, people (will know)
whether you are listening or if
you are doing this as an exercise to make them feel good.
The way that they know you
are listening is because they
see that some of their ideas
are seriously considered and
sometimes end up being

When the recommendations
are not implemented, we tell
the employees why not.
People don’t mind as much
that their ideas are not being
implemented as they mind
working on something and
then never hearing again from
the boss on whether that was
a good or bad idea.

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