A focus on people

Q. You mentioned the importance of listening in getting to
know your employees. What
are the keys to becoming a
better listener?

Read books on listening and
relationship building. Constantly
ask for feedback. Take negative
feedback as constructive criticism — look at it as an opportunity for improvement.

Appreciate the fact that your
employees are giving feedback,
whether it’s positive or negative. Feedback means that they
care. Don’t take it personally.

Take feedback seriously. It’s
one of the truest indicators of
how your company is functioning — it’s like checking your
company’s pulse. No feedback
equals no growth.

Q. What is the benefit of
having a solid culture in

It makes things run easier.
It’s a key to the foundation of
good, long-lasting companies.
If you’re running the old-fashioned way, with everybody in
their cubicle, and have a set of
rules and assign a certain
amount of work and can’t literally get out of the box, at average, you might survive for a
while. But if you want to build
something that’s long-lasting,
you have to have a culture
where people want to be at
work, they embrace the company and have a genuine interest in the company.

We’re in an economy where
everybody’s pinching pennies,
everybody’s being careful
about the overhead and what
they’re investing. So are we,
but if people are happy, you
have a happy organization,
you have a happy company;
you’re going places.

If people just consider their
workplace as they just have a
job and pay their bills, these
people are not going to be in
for the long run … the first
opportunity they have to get a
better salary or a better job,
they’ll be gone.

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