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10:50am EDT October 23, 2001
Addresses of originality

E-mail has changed the way we work, play and bond. While some say e-mail is an impersonal means of communication, an e-mail address can provide a unique way to project a personalized image.

Some e-mail identities are downright eye-catching, with hidden meanings that reveal a slice of personality. For example, the '70s Beatles hit record "Revolution" obviously had an impact on Howard Cleveland, because 20 years after it was released, the Internet linchpin and CEO of Digital Day in Akron chose a personal e-mail address that reflects his perspective on how computers have changed the world:

With an e-mail address like, it's not hard to guess that Bob Isenberg, creative director for Wern Rausch Locke Advertising Inc., is a devoted fan of "Star Trek: The Next Generation." His colleague, Betty Williams, office manager at the Canton advertising agency, designated as her e-mail identity -- inspired by the vanity license plate on her little red Corvette that has, you guessed it, flair.

When presentation skills consultant Leslie Ungar incorporated her company, she named it after her world champion show horse, Electric Impulse. For her business e-mail address, Ungar combined her first initial and last name with the horse's nickname, Impi. "What I didn't realize is that in computer language, it's all translated to lower case. So instead of getting, I ended up with!"

Even if you don't know Rick Mullins, a sales associate at an Akron area Radio Shack, it's not hard to figure out what his passion is. With the personal e-mail address, Mullins is unmistakably an avid runner -- and his alter ego is Bullwinkle.

Sheri Roberts Tennant, owner of Shericho Diversified Office Services in Minerva, is addicted to Looney Tunes, as evidenced by her e-mail address, Her spouse, Doug Tennant, a creative designer at Star Bronze in Alliance, says he uses his initials in the prefix of his e-mail address,, but reveals the "Bunchie" is his wife's pet name for him.

Stacy Wessels, president of the Image Factory Inc. in Akron, protests that, despite how her business e-mail might be misconstrued, she's not a fink. "The IF in stands for Image Factory, of course. But I included a hyphen before the 'Inc' so it wouldn't be misread as 'I Fink' -- which is certainly not the image I want to project!"

Online expertise

Stark and Knoll, a 15-year-old Akron law firm, is tapping into the full potential of the Internet. In September, it launched an affiliate e-company, Transaction Support Group, to provide 24-hour assistance with mergers and acquisitions.

The site is supervised by a corporate attorney, who acts as transaction manager. Services include examining due diligence, reviewing contracts and documents, preparing schedules, obtaining consents and waivers, processing financial documentation and coordinating payoffs, lien releases, mortgage filings and funding. The site can be accessed at