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8:00pm EDT October 4, 2007

Every company faces obstacles from time to time. But what if that obstacle comes in the form of government legislation that hinders your ability to do business?

That was the case for InfoCision Management Corp., a call center provider that specializes in political, Christian and nonprofit fundraising, as well as sales and customer care.

When the Federal Trade Commission passed legislation to form a National Do Not Call Registry in 2003, some industry opponents were predicting the death of telemarketing.

Though many companies did buckle under the new laws, InfoCision’s quick and well-planned response assured survival through the crisis. The company invested more than $2 million in regulatory compliance and was ready and waiting with a team of legal experts and the latest technology when the registry went into effect on Oct. 1, 2003.

These successful measures were quickly recognized by the Direct Marketing Association, the leading trade association of organizations using direct marketing tools and techniques. In 2003, it awarded InfoCision a Silver ECHO Award — the company’s second since 2002. Known as the “Oscar of Direct Marketing,” this honor recognizes outstanding strategy and creativity in the industry.

A year later, new business began to pour in when other companies realized they couldn’t afford to take risks with FTC compliance. Sales grew by more than $10 million in 2004, and InfoCision created 271 jobs. The company was awarded its third ECHO Award that same year.

Since that time, President and CEO Carl Albright has continued to lead InfoCision to impressive growth. The company opened three new locations in Columbus, Dayton and Youngstown in 2005, and revenue rose to $140 million.

Last year, annual revenue increased to more than $154 million, and Albright brought on an additional 321 employees. The company now staffs more than 3,700 people at 13 locations throughout Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia, and InfoCision recently became the second largest privately held teleservices provider in the country. It raises more money for nonprofit organizations over the phone than any other company.

With that growth has come a greater responsibility to create a culture in which employees can thrive. InfoCision matches each employee “communicator” — a term used to distinguish its employees from the standard industry “agent” — with the type of work that each person has the greatest interest in. The employees are then trained in every detail of their clients’ backgrounds and operations in order to increase overall performance.

In addition to performance, Albright also stresses the importance of health and wellness among his staff. InfoCision offers medical and dental insurance, 401(k), paid vacation, and periodic bonuses, and it has recently instituted a wellness program designed to encourage healthy lifestyles among team members.

The program offers contests and resources, including a free smoking cessation program, as well as annual health fairs that give employees the opportunity to get free health screenings. It also includes regular distribution of nutrition and weight loss education and information.

To take this commitment to employee health one step further, InfoCision has also installed on-site fitness centers and hired on-site physicians at many locations. The centers cost only a fraction of a typical health club membership, and the physician visits — available to both employees and their family members — run at a reduced co-pay rate.

In addition to his company’s dedication to employees, Albright also recognizes the need to serve the greater community. InfoCision is a member of the chambers of commerce and Better Business Bureaus in each of the 13 communities that house its call centers. Many of the company’s employees are involved in organizations such as The Salvation Army, American Heart Association, American Cancer Society and March of Dimes.

InfoCision has come a long way since its humble beginnings more than two decades ago. What was once a two-employee operation in 1982 has emerged as one of the leading inbound and outbound call centers in the country. With projected 2007 sales of $175 million, the company’s growth projection looks to continue its steady climb up and over whatever obstacles lie ahead.

InfoCision Management has received a Cascade Capital Business Growth Award every year since 2001.

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