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8:00pm EDT September 25, 2008

Etactics Inc. is quickly sprouting beyond its roots.

The health care invoice delivery service outgrew its original Hudson headquarters and moved to Stow last May. From eight employees five years ago, Etactics has blossomed four times over. The new facility will allow several more positions to be added in the next year, drawing even more employees from outside the county lines.

But Etactics has seen an even more impressive sales growth under President Michael P. Teutsch, who started the company in 1999. In the past five years, he has watched revenue rocket 82 percent, growing by more than $6 million.

Etactics began as a billing service for the health care market, transmitting medical claims and insurance payments. The company’s clearinghouse services have since expanded to cover delivery of other time-sensitive documents, both electronic and print.

Through the growth, the goal has stayed the same: to save clients money and worry by assuring them that their statements and invoices are being accurately and effectively tracked.

Etactics currently serves a client base of more than 2,000 — mainly hospitals, physicians and billing services. In yet another limb of its growth, Etactics expects to process more than 20 million transactions this year.

The multifaceted growth comes because the company is not only adding new clients but also new services. After four years of development and design, for example, Etactics released new practice management software in 2008. More than 80 medical practices are already using the new equipment, which the company plans to market to an additional 100 new practices per year.

With its sights on future growth and expansion, Etactics has already established itself as an award-winning business. It previously received Cascade Capital Business Growth Awards in 2004 and 2005.

At the head of that growth, Teutsch is also being honored. In May, he received a Distinguished Marketing and Sales Award from the Sales and Marketing Executives of Cleveland. The DMSA recognizes leadership, sales and marketing achievements and strong community and professional development.

Etactics, a growing presence both in Summit County and beyond, thanks to its electronic presence, certainly qualifies, as Teutsch continues to develop and expand it.

HOW TO REACH: Etactics Inc., (330) 342-0568 or www.etacticsinc.com