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8:00pm EDT September 25, 2008

In 1984, it was making sure your clunky desktop computer was functioning and the blocky neon-green text lined up on the black screen.

While retro ’80s computers have gotten sleeker, re-emerging as slim-line notebook laptops, Network Technologies Inc. has bulked up instead.

Since the company’s inception, the developers at NTI have kept up with the times and the expanding demand for computer equipment, such as keyboard-video-mouse (KVM) and audio/video switches, splitters and extenders.

The Aurora-based manufacturer first physically expanded in 1991, when it moved to its current headquarters. The facility kept sprouting new additions in 1995, 2003 and, most recently, 2006, when 10,200 square feet of production space was added.

Each stage of growth also ushered in more equipment and personnel. Since the 2003 expansion, for example, NTI has nearly doubled its number of employees to about 92 last year. On the company’s Web site, pictures of several smiling office assistants and customer service representatives accompany brief biographies next to their contact information. These dedicated team members have facilitated another facet of NTI’s growth by doubling the company’s revenue in the past five years.

Under President Carl Jagatich, NTI developers have continued to add new products to the company’s catalog. Four years ago, for example, came the advent of monitoring systems that manage server room conditions like high temperature, smoke and intrusion.

Though the company is firmly rooted in Portage County, where the products are manufactured, NTI’s reach is global. In addition to national online resellers, distributors are spread around the globe from Russia to Iceland and Singapore to Australia.

NTI products are used in nearly every industry, including transportation, retail, education and manufacturing — even government agencies and branches of the military. Some clients include NASA, the Boeing Company, General Electric, the Central Intelligence Agency and UCLA, but even home offices depend on NTI for their KVM needs.

NTI strives to offer solutions that improve efficiency, reduce equipment and energy costs, and make the most of space — whether you sport a decades-old IBM green-screen monitor or a much newer model with multiple attachments.

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