Surging ahead Featured

10:48am EDT April 25, 2003
When installing a building's fire or security alarm system, Abbott Electric Inc. used to leave the job incomplete. That is, the electrical contracting firm used to install the wiring, then hire another company to put in the security devices and perform the monitoring.

Last year, Abbott Electric CEO Jim Abbott decided to finish the job himself.

"We had an opportunity to bring somebody on with experience in fire and security low-voltage type applications last year," says Abbott Electric Treasurer Brent Fatzinger. "It allowed us to expand further into the low-voltage area and establish this new company to do installation and monitoring, along the lines of ADT or Brinks."

Expanding its product line has been a successful pattern for the company in recent years. In addition to fire and security systems, Abbott added last year Tele-Data technicians to install computer cabling, phone wiring and phone systems.

"Our mindset is, the more markets we get ourselves into, the more things we can do within the electrical contracting, engineering, and low-voltage market, the better foundation we have," Fatzinger says. "If things slow down in one area, we can offset that slowdown with increased market in another."

Since Abbott started the company alone in 1978, it has grown to more than 100 employees.

"The more diversity we have, the better chance we have of not just surviving, but growing," Fatzinger says. How to reach: Abbott Electric Inc., (330) 452-6601