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10:41am EDT November 29, 2005

According to the Bible, "People perish for lack of vision." And businesses can, too.

Whenever we are in a position of leadership, we carry the responsibility of having the vision. I once wrote a column on what it takes to be a visionary. There is a big difference between being a visionary and seeing the vision to completion.

Many people have a wonderful vision but lack the patience and perseverance to see it all the way through. We live in a place where so many want instant gratification. Instant has become the word of the decade. It is all around us and we are being brainwashed by it and not even recognizing it.

Instant tea or coffee for anyone to drink? How about some instant oatmeal or rice to eat? Maybe an instant lottery ticket to get rich?

When the going gets tough, everyone wants to bail out. We see it all around us. In the business world, there is little loyalty to the company anymore from the employees. We also see employers looking out for themselves first and others second.

We see it in marriage with increasing divorce rates. Church-hopping is at a record high. People aren't happy at a church, so they attend another. No one wants to stick it out and turn things around. Visions are rarely completed because people do not persevere.

Here are the four steps it will take to see your vision completed.


1. Have commitment. In good times and bad, keep moving forward. If it were easy, everyone would complete his or her vision.


2. Have realistic expectations. Set goals to reach along the way and achieve them. Once you have reached one set of goals, formulate your plan for the next ones. Don't set goals that are impossible to reach.

3. Have accountability. Hold yourself and others accountable for reaching goals along the path to success. Make changes if necessary to keep moving toward your ultimate vision.


4. Have a purpose. Always know what you are working toward in life. What purpose will your vision serve? Understanding how your vision fits into the big picture helps keep you motivated to move toward it.


To see your vision through, you need to know where you are going. Too often, people are going in circles with no clear purpose in mind. Don't be another person with a vision that someone else ends up implementing because you weren't willing to go the extra step.