Careful planning Featured

8:00pm EDT May 26, 2008

When a family is going through difficult times with a loved one’s health services, there are many stressful decisions to make. To provide comfort and a little peace of mind through that process, Cambridge Home Health Care creates an atmosphere of understanding customer service from the very beginning. Knowing that the choice for an in-home health care provider is not an easy one, Cambridge offers a meeting with the family and the person needing care before any services are rendered. The meeting, which comes at no cost to the person interested in the service, allows everyone to be sure they are comfortable with the relationship.

Once a person is enrolled in care, the special treatment doesn’t end. Cambridge sends out a nurse for a visit prior to the start of home care to talk with the person receiving care and tailor a specific program that meets the patient’s quality of life desires. Once the care starts, Cambridge calls the patient and the family within the first 24 hours to make sure that what’s being provided is what was promised. Finally, the patient is given the phone number of Cambridge President and CEO Judy Akins. If that patient ever feels the service is inadequate, he or she can call Akins, and she commits a promise to each patient to respond to his or her issue within 24 hours.

Many of the patients Cambridge deals with are at a difficult point in their lives and so are their families. To Cambridge, the answer is understanding service that responds to special needs quickly and provides whatever comfort is possible. The results are patients who can stay out of a nursing home and live their lives in the comfort of their own home and in the manner they choose.

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