Partnering for success Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2008

Blue Point Capital Partners does not believe in the slash-and-burn concept of buying a business and making wholesale changes in every aspect of the organization.

Instead, managing partners David Given and John Kirby typically will only invest in businesses where the owner wants to stay involved and retain a significant ownership stake in the company.

Given and Kirby see Blue Point as a partner that can provide financial resources and bring both operational and other resources to the table to maximize the probability of future success.

Blue Point seeks to build partnerships with the companies it invests in and develop relationships with the owners and management team to take those businesses to greater heights.

The firm anticipates the challenges that might exist before investing in a company so that it will be prepared for the highs and lows that may follow.

Blue Point has a full professional staff in each of its locations, giving the firm the ability to live and breathe each unique market on a daily basis. Given and Kirby look for executives from different backgrounds who can bring a variety of experiences, perspectives and abilities to the table.

The business itself is very entrepreneurial in that junior professionals are given more responsibility as soon as they demonstrate the ability to take it on. Individuals who actively look to develop their skills are rewarded, both financially and in other ways.

They are also encouraged to maintain a balanced lifestyle that promotes other dimensions of their lives at the same time that they intensely pursue their professional interests.

The future of Blue Point is bright because both Given and Kirby believe the firm’s style of helping entrepreneurial business owners accomplish their goals by becoming a value-added partner in the process will continue to be appealing.

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