Keys to innovation Featured

8:00pm EDT August 26, 2008

Crestwood Partners LLC does business as Swiss+Tech Products, a name that draws comparisons to the legendary versatility of the Swiss Army knife and the quality and dependability of a Swiss watch.

Richard C. Adamany, the company’s president and CEO, has worked to ensure that Swiss+Tech lives up to its name. The company’s success is derived from a combination of genuine Swiss craftsmanship and American innovation.

Adamany has created a new category of consumer products — key ring tools. Swiss+Tech’s unique products have patented integrated locking systems that attach to any key ring, eliminating the need for an additional ring or belt holster.

The tag line of Adamany’s company is, “Really cool tools that are with you when you need them.” Swiss+Tech’s tools are designed to work just like their full-size counterparts and are covered by a lifetime limited warranty.

Adamany has brought Swiss+Tech’s innovative products to the public through several channels. The company’s products are available through major retailers, Web sites and specialty chains — such as Wal-Mart, Target, Costco, Brookstone, HSN, Eddie Bauer, Restoration Hardware and Think Geek.

In order to secure and retain coveted retail space at the chain stores and to successfully compete for consumer dollars, Adamany has made a commitment to constant innovation at Swiss+Tech. To stay competitive, the company must continually add unique and innovative offerings to its product line.

Each year, new products account for nearly 50 percent of Swiss+Tech’s revenue. Adamany says innovation is the lifeblood of its continued growth.

All new product ideas originate with Adamany and Bennett S. Rubin, executive vice president and chief operating officer. When developing new ideas for products, Adamany looks at several key factors: minimizing existing tools, creating a unique method of attaching tools to a key chain, addressing consumer needs and desires, packing as many features as possible onto each product, and coupling an emergency device with tools that have everyday uses.

One of Swiss+Tech’s innovative products is the BodyGard emergency tool. Like all of the company’s products, it attaches to a key ring. However, the BodyGard is designed to be a lifesaver in auto emergencies, with its glass breaker, seat belt cutter, flashlight, emergency signal, tire gauge and thermometer.

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