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8:00pm EDT September 25, 2008

If a microscope had been focused on the business landscape of Stark County in 2003, Alliance Castings Co. LLC would still have been hard to see.

In its first year, the Alliance-based manufacturer of rail freight car components began with a founding group of four and finished the year with 13.

More than tripling your employee base is a good year for any company, but for Alliance Casting, led by general manager Lawrence R. Stewart, it was only the tip of the iceberg.

During the next five years, Stewart and his management team have taken Alliance Castings to new heights in employee numbers. The company employed 544 as of the end of 2007, and has become a major employer in Alliance and Stark County.

A big reason for the growth is the proactive approach that Stewart and the Alliance Castings management team take to training their employees and involving them in helping to shape the future of the business.

Alliance Castings recently took its employees through a series of seminars, titled “Value of the Person,” or “VOP.” In those seminars, employees were taught to treat each other with dignity and mutual respect while also maintaining a work environment focused on quality and safety.

The “Value of the Person” program has also helped enhance relationships between employees and management and has helped build a sense of trust and teamwork throughout the entire Alliance Castings staff.

The VOP program has helped turn Alliance Castings from a tiny start-up company to a place that prospective employees seek out for employment — in Alliance and beyond.

The spirit of teamwork has moved beyond the walls of Alliance Castings, as the company employees have created teams to oversee the company’s activities outside of work. Employees now work together to oversee holiday functions and have compiled a cookbook of favorite employee recipes.

The end result is a growing company with employees who haven’t just memorized the company’s mission statement and core values but who have truly embraced the idea of collaboration, teamwork and involvement. Under Stewart’s leadership, Alliance Castings is strong and getting stronger.

HOW TO REACH: Alliance Castings Co. LLC, (330) 829-5600