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Stepping it up Featured

8:00pm EDT September 25, 2008

Global Body & Equipment Co. has had its share of challenges throughout the years. In 2002, it purchased the assets of CNC Metal Products Inc., a company which had just filed for bankruptcy protection. Through the hard work and dedication of its leadership and its work force, Global Body was able to help get things turned around.

The contract manufacturer of steel fabrications and thermal formed plastics now has 68 employees and has grown by more than 875 percent in the last five years. Its growth, under the leadership of President Daniel Oliver, is a result of a commitment to excellence in everything the company does. Whether it’s the inspection of samples before a part run begins or the continued checking throughout the entire process, Global Body employees are always striving to get it done right for their customers.

The engineering and production staff consistently works with customers to find ways to reduce costs through design and process changes. They visit the production floors of their customers and have often changed designs to allow for better flow and reduced production times.

Doing so has helped the customer remain competitive in the global marketplace.

To support its goal of low-volume custom products, Global Body has purchased several pieces of equipment that includes both flat- and multi-axis lasers, robotic welders, routers and multiple engineering software that can take a part from drawing to production in a very short time.

The dedication of employees was exemplified in 2004 when a category F-4 tornado (based on the original Fujita scale) ripped through Parsons Manufacturing Co. in Roanoke, Ill. This left a major construction equipment manufacturer with an immediate need for additional suppliers. Global Body stepped up and was able to fill the need.

Global Body is also committed to supporting local companies. The majority of the steel, aluminum and support supplies used in the production process are purchased from companies in Wayne, Stark, Richland and Holmes counties. Employees rely on leadership that brings 100 years of sheet metal design and fabrication experience to the table.

HOW TO REACH: Global Body & Equipment Co., (330) 264-6640 or www.cncmetalproducts.com