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8:00pm EDT May 26, 2009

When a young couple was excitedly planning their wedding, they were also getting discouraged by the caterers they visited until they met with Bill Rini and his team at A Taste of Excellence.

The couple had a South African background and wanted to incorporate some of their ethnic foods into the reception menu, but thus far, nobody had been able to do so. While it was something new and different, he wasn’t going to let them down, so he researched the cuisine and put together a selection of local dishes for them to taste. When they arrived and started trying each food, they were delighted at how well he had done and chose A Taste of Excellence to handle their reception needs.

This is just one way that Rini, president of the catering company, and his team aim to please their customers. While providing the freshest food with the highest quality ingredients is one goal, they also strive to provide everything their clients could need for their event, such as linens, utensils and tents, so the clients can relax and enjoy their event. In one situation, a woman was having a large cookout, and it was suggested she reserve a tent, but she didn’t want to ruin the look of her yard, so she opted not to. As it got closer to the event, the weather forecast called for rain, so she decided to request one after all. The problem was that all of the tents were already booked, but an employee found one available in Michigan, so the employee drove a company truck there and brought the tent back for the client. It did end up raining that day, and thanks to the company’s service commitment, that customer’s event wasn’t ruined.

With everyone on the team committed to pleasing customers in these ways, it’s helped A Taste of Excellence gain an outstanding service provider reputation.

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