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8:00pm EDT June 25, 2009
Distribution, Manufacturing

From the time that he was 8 years old, Andrew J. Sherman wanted to be an entrepreneur, and he displayed the characteristics needed to take him there as a determined, driven and focused risk-taker.

After triple-majoring at The Ohio State University, Sherman pursued a career working for a small, high-tech materials business in California. There, he led various project development and research teams and quickly became an indispensable asset as the company’s top producer and business development manager.

During his time there, the company also grew. But in 1996, Sherman began his entrepreneurial career by acquiring a failing business line from his employer. He leveraged his savings, home equity and retirement funds to purchase the product line, marking the birth of Powdermet Inc.

He founded the company on a belief and vision that the ability to control materials at the nano-scale without disrupting the manufacturing chain would enable significant advances in product performance across a broad range of industries. Not long after that, one of the company’s product lines won the R&D 100 award for production technology.

Today, Powdermet is a leader in the development and manufacturing of nano-engineered metals and ceramics coatings. Its products are primarily used by the Department of Defense as an anti-corrosive treatment for various airplane components.

Sherman is committed to providing team members with both vision and opportunity. He’s constantly looking for unique talents, and when he finds and hires them, he then works diligently to empower them to take responsibility and succeed. He provides an exciting atmosphere and often says that boredom is never an issue at Powdermet.

Together with his team, Sherman plans to continue to refine and develop the company’s product lines for a more broad-based commercial application. While financing challenges its efforts, Sherman has successfully leveraged the company’s relationship with venture capitalists and visionary customers, such as the Department of Defense, to assist his team in securing the funds needed to take Powdermet and its products to a new level of success and viability.

How to reach: Powdermet Inc., (216) 404-0053 or www.powdermetinc.com