The new reality Featured

7:00pm EDT January 26, 2010

By now, it’s obvious for anyone who follows business and industry that the world is a much, much smaller place than it was just 10 years ago. The speed at which business moves, combined with the removal of distance limitations for face-to-face communications (Thank you, Skype!), has forced companies to rethink their business models, operational and delivery systems, and, just as important, their value propositions.

If you’re not adapting to the changes that this true global economy has created, your business is probably on its way toward obsolescence. But for those that have embraced the notion of change, innovation and finding ways to better compete on the world stage, a bright future awaits.

To reach this point, it requires a CEO, business owner or other leader to stand up and say, “The way we’ve done business in the past is in the past. It’s time to think differently.”

When this happens, change is already underway.

This year, Smart Business joins with Hyland Software and a group of manufacturing-friendly sponsors to present the 2010 Evolution of Manufacturing Awards. On the following pages, you can read the profiles of 11 organizations that have taken the concept of adapting to the new reality to heart.

[See video interviews with honorees and guests at the event]

Then, later this month, join us at the 2010 Evolution of Manufacturing Conference, where you can learn more from these companies as well as participate in a town-hall-style discussion with three dynamic business leaders from BioEnterprise, Lincoln Electric and CardPak, who will help lay out what the future of manufacturing will look like.

Congratulations to our honorees, and we hope to see you at the event on Feb. 18.

2010 honorees:


Voss Industries Inc.

RBB Systems Inc.

The Kirby Co.

RTI International Metals Inc.

Thogus Products Cos.

FD Johnson Co.

R.W. Beckett Corp.

Seaman Corp.

Shearer’s Foods Inc.

Delta Systems Inc.

See a video interview with Jim Carulas of Meaden & Moore, a sponsor for the 2010 Evolution of Manufacturing Awards.