Green light Featured

5:06pm EDT February 16, 2011

The Garland Co.If you work for The Garland Co. Inc., you’re going to go green.

Sustainability is a priority at the roofing manufacturer, led by President David Sokol. Garland was among the first roofing companies in North America to embrace green technologies and remains at the forefront of sustainable solutions. In 2008, Garland created Garland Energy Systems Inc. to extend its capabilities, encompassing seamless delivery of solar and other alternative energy solutions.

The same year, Garland was awarded a $1 million grant from the Ohio Third Frontier, a technology-based economic development initiative that supports existing industries that are transforming themselves with new globally competitive products.

Garland is also working in collaboration with a photovoltaic developer and manufacturer in Toledo to develop technology that will be used in installing new photovoltaic panels on commercial and industrial buildings.

Following the creation of Garland Energy Systems, the company developed a sustainable product line to better equip customers in identifying sustainable alternatives to existing roofing technology. The Garland Greenhouse product line presents such an alternative, with eco-friendly technologies that incorporate characteristics like post-consumer and pre-consumer recycled content, lowered volatile organic content, highly reflective surfacing, 100 percent solids technology, water-based technology, end-of-life recyclability and energy performance characteristics.

Furthering Garland’s commitment to sustainable initiatives, the company has recently expanded its use of recycled products, including the incorporation of recycled glass into all roll goods. Garland also developed the first bio-based bitumen membrane with the highest recycled content of any roofing product in the industry. The company has promoted sustainability by reducing and eliminating volatile fumes, odors and other safety hazards related to the production of roofing materials, including the 2007 introduction of Green-Lock membrane adhesive, which is a high-performance, 100 percent solids- and solvent-free polyether member with no volatile organic content or odor.

But none of Garland’s green initiatives would work without an integrated manufacturing process that provides a stable supply of materials. The company recently expanded its capabilities as one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of high-performance roofing solutions. Garland purchased a modified bitumen manufacturer in 2006, doubling its roll goods production capabilities from 400,000 rolls a year to 800,000. The acquisition provides Garland with the dual plant capability to produce modified bitumen membranes and to serve as a backup to the Cleveland manufacturing facility.

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