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11:56am EDT February 17, 2011
Eric Lofquist, Magnus International Group Eric Lofquist, Magnus International Group

Eric Lofquist and Scott Forster take materials that many people view as just plain gross and make them quite useful at Magnus International Group Inc.

Magnus was formed in 2007 by its co-owners, Lofquist, who serves as president and CEO, and Forster, who is vice president and chief operating officer. Magnus acquired Twin Rivers Technologies LLC and changed the name to Hardy Industrial Technologies LLC.

It formed a second company, Recycling and Treatment Technologies LLC, which Magnus wholly owns along with Hardy.

The core business of Magnus is the application of recycling and treatment technologies to convert byproduct plant and animal fats and oils into materials that can be used as a substitute for petroleum-based feedstock in a variety of all-natural products including fire logs, candles and de-icing products. The products are better because they use fewer materials and have less of an impact on the environment.

The company’s approach is to get the most use out of every material that it comes in contact with. So when railcars arrive with incoming material, Hardy provides tank car cleaning services. The wastewater generated in this steam cleaning process then goes to RTT for pretreatment where even the smallest concentrations of fats and oils are removed. They are then reclaimed and blended to create all-natural fuel oil that can be used as a substitute for petroleum oil.

Magnus also takes advantage of the proximity of its business units to the Lake County Landfill by collecting landfill gas. This gas runs the company’s four boilers and two heaters, providing enough energy to heat more than 500 homes.

This use of landfill gas protects the public from the potentially harmful effects of subsurface migration of explosive methane and air pollution caused by surface emissions. It also reduces odor nuisances.

Magnus continues to search for new ways to combine its research and development expertise with its production capabilities. The company recently began work on three new projects that will use existing production processes at Hardy, along with newly developing technologies, to produce useful energy products, animal feed and high-quality wax.

The company is always focused on continued growth that is sustainable both from an economic and an environmental perspective. This approach makes Magnus a leader in implementing important pollution prevention and energy-saving initiatives.

How to reach: Magnus International Group Inc., (216) 592-8355 or www.magnusig.com