How The Taylor Cos. makes sustainability a way of life Featured

7:01pm EDT November 30, 2011
How The Taylor Cos. makes sustainability a way of life

Jeff Baldassari wants you to know exactly what it took to build the product you buy from his company. The Taylor Cos. has taken a lead from the nutritional facts that are affixed to everything we eat and applied the same type of label to his products to explain their environmental footprint.

Labels include carbon emissions and water use on a per unit basis. They also include other key sustainability related information regarding the company’s products and practices. It’s part of an ongoing effort by Baldassari, the company’s president and CEO, to respect the environment through every step of what The Taylor Cos. does in its work.

The company has invested nearly $900,000 in energy-efficient equipment and combined with an energy audit and the implementation of better practices, has managed to reduce its energy consumption by 59 percent.

Sustainability is a part of the corporate culture at The Taylor Cos., whether you’re talking about employees, customers or people in the surrounding community. Baldassari works with his team to consistently find new ways to be a better steward to the environment and he speaks regularly about the topic to encourage others in the business community to take the same approach.

His company has made a significant effort in its own backyard, sponsoring scholarships in the Bedford Schools and through the volunteer participation of employees through numerous school and civic programs in Bedford.

Baldassari is also encouraging his peers in the furniture design industry to pursue better practices of sustainability. He has submitted a course called, “A Sustainable Approach” to the furniture designers’ governing body in hopes of gaining accreditation. The course would demonstrate to all the benefits of sustainability and help encourage companies to be thinking of the environment in everything they do, just like The Taylor Cos.

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