R.W. Beckett Corp. sets the stage for a high-tech future Featured

7:00pm EDT January 31, 2013
R.W. Beckett Corp. sets the stage for a high-tech future

The R.W. Beckett Corp., based in North Ridgeville and led by president and CEO Kevin Beckett, is built on a platform of three core values: integrity, excellence and respect for the individual.

The Beckett Corp. works to nurture relationships with both employees and customers on a daily basis, and it has helped the company expand internationally — to Canada in 1990 and to China in 2007, producing electronic assemblies for the HVAC industry, and manufacturing and marketing oil burner equipment for the growing HVAC Asian market.

As it has expanded, Beckett Corp. has embraced new technologies, transitioning its manufacturing facility from one of basic mechanical design and assembly to one that incorporates electronic design, electronic assembly of HVAC controls and distributed energy storage systems.

The transition of the manufacturing facility into the area of electronic assembly has provided the manufacturing associates the ability to learn new technology skills that can be incorporated into their daily work, increasing their value to the company. The manufacturing associates have embraced additional training and have undergone a math skills review and basic electronics training.

The success of the electronic design and electronic assembly capabilities has allowed Beckett Corp. to enter the advanced energy space in Northeast Ohio.

In December 2009, Beckett Corp. was awarded a $1 million Ohio Third Frontier Advanced Energy matching grant to develop a distributed energy storage system that incorporates a grid-tied bidirectional inverter and lithium-ion batteries for helping electric utilities cope with peak power demands.

How to reach: R.W. Beckett Corp., (440) 327-1060 or www.beckettcorp.com