Thogus is making an effort to be better than the typical manufacturer Featured

7:00pm EDT January 31, 2013
Thogus is making an effort to be better than the typical manufacturer

Within the manufacturing facility of Thogus Products Co., a plastic injection molding manufacturer, space was becoming limited, yet customer demand was getting higher. In order to keep customers happy as well as define their processes, Thogus and its president, Matt Hlavin, revamped resources within the plant.

The company put forth an effort to manage material more efficiently, manage inventory effectively and find ways to treat customers better. After getting a team together to execute this effort, Thogus was able to move machines, inventory and shelving, and with the same square footage, the company was able to efficiently stock material, manage finished goods inventory and put an additional three presses in its plant.

Thogus also examined each customer to understand all the services it was providing. If there was not value added to Thogus, their team found different ways to get the job done. As an example, Thogus could not stock items within the facility due to space, so the company found a strategic partner in order to rent storage space right across the street capable of holding more inventory for customers.

As Thogus evolved and made changes, it was able to save money and put that money toward customers’ needs, such as technology, new processes and new automation. In 2012, Thogus was able to hire 52 employees and grew by 50 percent. By putting forth these kinds of efforts, Thogus has increased added value by anticipating and satisfying clients’ known and unmet needs breaking the mold of a typical shoot-and-ship manufacturer.

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