How Brendan Anderson and Jeffery Kadlic created a new way of investing at Evolution Capital Partners Featured

8:00pm EDT June 30, 2013
Brendan Anderson, co-founder and managing partner, Evolution Capital Partners Brendan Anderson, co-founder and managing partner, Evolution Capital Partners

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Brendan Anderson and Jeffery Kadlic

co-founders and managing partners

Evolution Capital Partners


When Jeffery Kadlic and Brendan Anderson met, the experience and business knowledge of each turned into the evolution of a new way of investing within small and midsize markets. They realized that there was a niche in small and midsize markets that was begging for the attention of investors to obtain the appropriate capital and business plan that could lead to success and growth.

Kadlic and Anderson took a leap of faith in 2005 by co-founding Evolution Capital Partners, and as managing partners of the firm, they quickly became entrepreneurs assisting the small business market.

Their passion for wanting to see small businesses succeed is uncanny, and something both Kadlic and Anderson take pride in. Evolution distinguishes itself from other private equity firms by taking control of the investments and building the company’s success rather than buying a company, trimming down the investment, and then selling.

Evolution’s specialty and passion is helping small businesses navigate that difficult territory between startup and becoming a large, professional firm. Kadlic and Anderson know the challenges that arise during this phase of a company’s growth, and they are experts in providing business owners with the resources, both financing and advising, they need to grow a small business into a booming company.

In addition, Kadlic and Anderson know that small business financing is only one part of developing a business, so Evolution offers a comprehensive approach. The company won’t just hand over capital and wish a business good luck. Rather, Evolution will become partners with a business, taking on the burden of any risk involved and offering advisory services to ensure that those companies have the resources to make the right decisions.

The company’s continuing ability to reach out to the small business community and grab the attention of businesses looking for an answer to achieve success has delivered significant growth.

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