How Jeremy Rayl keeps his eye on future opportunities at J. Rayl Transport Featured

8:52pm EDT September 25, 2013
Jeremy Rayl Jeremy Rayl

Cascade Capital Awards 2013 -- Service -- Best story

Jeremy Rayl
J. Rayl Transport Inc. 

Jeremy Rayl, the third generation to lead J. Rayl Transport Inc., has experienced a lot of success as CEO since taking over in 2008, including 46 percent growth in sales.

Don’t believe for a second though that Rayl takes that success for granted.

“If you don’t understand the risks that are out there, then you’re being naive to the potential things that could possibly bankrupt your company,” Rayl says. “It’s being able to identify these opportunities and being able to accurately identify our costs, what our revenues need to be and really understanding what drives profitability for our company.”

J. Rayl Trucking has about 230 trucks, 750 dry van trailers and 15 flatbed trailers covering more than half the country, and its brokerage covers the rest of the U.S. and Canada. The company has more than 250 employees and strives to develop cost-saving solutions for its customers.

Through its ability to provide several logistic options for a variety of commodities, J. Rayl Trucking has been able to maintain and expand its customer base.

Rayl puts a lot of effort into measuring risk vs. reward when attempting to meet the ever-changing needs of his customers.

“It has to have some sort of measurable ROI, and it has to add value to the company whether it is dollars saved or overall quality improvement,” Rayl says.

The result is an organization that continues to grow and continues to be a place where employees enjoy going to work. ● 

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