How Suranjan Shome’s Epiphany brings IT managed services to the K-12 market Featured

9:27pm EDT September 25, 2013
Suranjan Shome Suranjan Shome

Cascade Capital Awards 2013 -- Technology Employee Growth winner

Epiphany Management Group
Suranjan Shome

Epiphany Management Group offers IT managed services, professional development and education marketing to schools nationwide. EMG takes into account an innovative management approach that focuses on the K-12 market and helps today’s students who learn and live differently than those in previous generations.

Through technology, EMG aims to improve outcomes, collaboration, management and efficiencies.

Starting with just one employee, CEO Suranjan Shome, the company has grown to an organization with nearly 75 employees in three states. EMG has made significant investments in senior personnel, processes and systems automation, which has resulted in revenues doubling this year compared to 2012. This growth was financed organically, without outside venture funding.

The success can be largely attributed to a copyrighted and facilitated strategic planning process that has cascaded into all facets of the organization. This disciplined process was initiated when the company was launched in 2007 and has resulted in clarity of direction, message and purpose for the organization and employees.

In addition, the process has created an alignment throughout the company between employee and organizational goals and direction. It has also inspired employees to realize a perfect customer satisfaction and retention outcome.

With the future in mind, EMG has developed a multi-level executive and general management structure that delegates decision-making autonomy and accountability throughout the organization. This goes against many common theories that centralize authority with the top executive or partners, incorporating instead the experience of the principals, partners and associates of EMG who have spent decades in the K-12 market. ●


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