Free to dream Featured

9:34am EDT July 22, 2002

A local husband-and-wife technology team recently told SBN that, as a result of having a successful business in Akron, their most cherished "possession" is freedom.

"More important than any house, car or prized possessions, we have freedom," says Barb Vasaris, CEO of the anderson group. "We live in a nice home, not an estate. We drive a nice car, but not a Mercedes. But I would have to say our freedom represents 'The Good Life' for us."

A.J. Vasaris, her spouse and the company's president and chief technology officer, agrees.

"Our freedom is something we're really unable to put a price on," he says.

The couple does confide, however, that they have differing views of what 'The Ultimate Good Life' might be when they retire.

"My husband wants to live downtown in a big city, on the 15th floor, with a TV in every room. He wants to have his groceries delivered and have a chauffeur drive him around everywhere he goes," Vasaris laughs. "But I want to be nestled in a log cabin on 20 acres of woodland, growing my own food and driving my own Jeep."

The dream they do share is the desire to have a fabulous library.

"Who knows -- maybe our dream lifestyle will be chosen by a computer program one day," says A.J. Vasaris. "But on second thought, I hope not."