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10:49am EDT October 23, 2001
HR help

As more businesses recognize that their most important resource is the people who work for them, human resources management is becoming a more integral part of organizations. Consequently, many accounting firms are expanding their services to include HR consulting and executive recruiting divisions.

With the acquisition of Spectra Resources Ltd., a North Canton-based human resources and executive recruiting firm, the accounting firm of S.R. Arner & Co. can now fill a need many small businesses have been unable to afford. It offers clients employee recruitment, training and assessment, policy and procedure development and compensation consulting services.

"In Stark County, there are a lot of small businesses that cannot afford to have a full-time human resource person," says Arner CPA and consultant Frank Monaco. "We saw that need within some of our client base, and we wanted to fill it. The biggest obstacle in providing this new service will be getting the word out to clients and local businesses that we can help them write their employee handbooks, search for qualified professionals or add support for any other HR needs."