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9:39am EDT July 22, 2002
And justice for all

A four-year dispute between Kent Display Systems and a Texas competitor has resulted in a federal court ruling in favor of the Kent company.

The dispute began in 1995 when Kent Displays bought the licensing rights to use a polymer-free liquid crystal technology developed by researchers at Kent State University. A year later, Kent Displays discovered that Advanced Display Systems of Texas was using similar technology, and after negotiations failed, the Kent company sued the Texas company for patent infringement.

Although a lower court ruled in favor of Advanced Display Systems in a 1997 trial, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit overturned that ruling in May, granting a new trial and awarding court costs to Kent Display Systems.

According to Kent Display Systems CFO Joel Domino, the ruling read like a John Grisham novel, "retelling how ADS, having failed in creating their own cholesteric device, photographed, then copied Kent's, and then with the assistance of their attorneys, withheld that fact."

Top site

Psychology Today magazine recently named Akron-based www.holistic-online to its list of top Web sites. The magazine, published by the American Psychological Association, named the site as the best Web site to learn about the alternative prayer-based therapy, Ayurveda.

Www.holistic-online was created by Dr. Jacob Mathew to provide information on all aspects of health, with an emphasis on alternative therapies, including herbal healing, yoga and stress management.

Mathew, who is president of Akron-based International Cyber Business Services Inc., an e-commerce solution provider, says he is working on adding information to the site on cancer therapy, hormone replacement therapy and menopause.


Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce named Fred Anthony, president and CEO of Cuyahoga Falls General Hospital, its Business Person of the Year.

Anthony was cited by the chamber as a sound fiscal manager and credited with maintaining excess revenue (the not-for-profit equivalent to profit) for the past 11 years. He achieved this during a period of declining reimbursement, allowing for a 22,000-square-foot ICU addition that is currently under construction.

Anthony was also commended for his leadership, particularly his initiation of the Community Health Advisory Board.