A total package Featured

12:17pm EDT May 25, 2006
Geoff Karcher started The Karcher Group to bring some professionalism and legitimacy to the Web site development industry, things he felt were lacking.

When he founded the company in 1997, many Web companies didn’t stay in business long and didn’t provide customers with a total package, he says. There were companies that provided businesses with a visually pleasing Web site and those who provided customers with a functional, easy-to-use Web site, but none who really did both, according to Karcher.

“My goal was to bring those two together into one company so that businesses didn’t have to choose between look and feel, or functionality,” says Karcher. “I just thought they should be able to get both in the same spot.”

Karcher also thought he would employ just a handful of people and only serve businesses in Northeast Ohio, but The Karcher Group has grown way beyond that, employing 25 people, gaining national exposure and catering to Fortune 500 companies.

Part of the company’s success — it has experienced annual sales growth of 20 percent to 50 percent each year since its inception — comes from its ability to adapt and evolve with the IT industry, as well as its strong commitment to customer service. In 2005, the company came up with innovative products to cater to small businesses that want to limit the cost of their Web sites or that don’t need anything elaborate.

To provide all clients with better customer service, the Karcher implemented an online client portal where clients can view their Web sites during development and post questions or comments. The Karcher Group also created a new position designed to be a liaison among the sales staff, production staff, clients and company as a whole.

These strides have brought national attention to the firm, including a visit from CNN, which aired a segment about growth in the Canton area. Karcher recognizes that the area has played a large role in his company’s growth, and he makes it a point to give back to the community through organizations including the Stark Community Foundation, Keep Akron Beautiful and Habitat for Humanity.

“The community is what has gotten us to where we are,” says Karcher. “We’ve been given a lot, so we feel it is our responsibility to give a lot back.”

HOW TO REACH: The Karcher Group, www.thekarchergroup.com