Akron/Canton (3279)


Justin Bachman
Junior at Solon High School

After being disqualified from a cross-country race in 2010 by a starting line official who didn’t understand his Tourette’s syndrome tic, Justin Bachman has been spreading his mission — education overcomes ignorance — so others don’t have to feel the way he did.

Through public speaking and other volunteer activities, he began to educate people about tolerance. His biggest success came in March 2011 when he hosted the first Tolerance Fair. Bachman got 48 charities and advocacy groups to participate at the event, offering information on how to get involved or how to get help. More than 1,000 people attended that first year.

Following the success of the first event, which is presented through Honor Good Deeds, a 501(c)(3), Bachman knew he had to do another bigger and better fair. This past March, he did just that. More than 3,000 people participated in the Tolerance Fair of Northeast Ohio at the Cleveland I-X Center.

Bachman does it all — he not only came up with the name and concept for the event, but he also served as emcee. He even succeeded at making the fair a totally free event, by approaching corporations for sponsorships and individuals for donations — raising $42,000 so that anyone could attend, regardless of financial limitations.

Bachman has plans to expand the Tolerance Fair nationwide, and established a Tolerance Fair Leadership Academy to plan the 2014 Tolerance Fair of Northeast Ohio. His goal is to  sign up 250 groups for next years event. ●


Chris Ronayne
University Circle Inc.

Whether you want to visit a museum, attend a play or take a walk through the Cleveland Cultural Gardens, there is indeed something for everyone at University Circle.

Thanks to an effort made in 1973 to promote University Circle as a center for lifelong learning, these attractions and many more can be enjoyed and appreciated by more than 15,000 students each year throughout Northeast Ohio.

University Circle Inc.’s community education department was established 40 years ago as a progressive response to the urban disinvestment of the 1960s, but has become much more. It has helped foster a deep relationship between those who want to learn and the nonprofit, education, medical, arts, cultural and social service organizations that make University Circle what it is.

University Circle Inc. staff provides countless hours of mentoring to students in high school, college and graduate school who are seeking career and civic engagement connections in Northeast Ohio. Each fall, a college week orientation program is held for incoming college students in the area.

Relationships with local high schools and universities allow for direct connections between University Circle Inc. staff and students working on specific projects, papers and presentations. In addition to the educational opportunities, students who get involved with University Circle have opportunities to do their part for the world through cleanup days and other projects to keep the neighborhood looking its best for generations to come. All of this helps keep everyone aware of the many benefits of a place like University Circle. ●



John Habat
Executive director
Greater Cleveland Habitat for Humanity

John Habat came to the Greater Cleveland Habitat for Humanity in 2011 with a lot riding on his shoulders. After a six-month search that encompassed more than 150 applicants for the agency’s open executive director position, Habat was chosen as the person to get things moving again.

The recession and housing crisis that struck the nation in 2008 had taken a particularly tough toll on Cleveland. In fact, there are some who believe Cleveland was “Ground Zero” for the nation’s housing crisis — there have been more than 35,000 foreclosures since 2005. The recession crippled many of the agency’s partner families and some stopped making monthly payments on their no-interest mortgage loans. As a result, the Greater Cleveland Habitat for Humanity was forced to cut staff and sharply reduce the number of new homes being built.

Habat was seen as someone who could get things moving again. He had a lot of experience in nonprofit management, economic development, public policy and government, and demonstrated his strong financial background during the interview process. In the two years since he was hired, he hasn’t disappointed.

Habat helped the finance committee establish a better family selection process and made the difficult, but necessary decision to initiate foreclosure proceedings on homes in serious default with no hope of being made current.

When Habat began his tenure in 2011, the organization’s housing starts stood at three. It grew to nine in 2012 and projected to 12 in 2013, 14 in 2014 and 16 for 2015. ●

Pillar Special Award – Executive Director of the Year

Betsie Norris
Founder and executive director
Adoption Network Cleveland

Adoption Network Cleveland has changed thousands of lives over the past 25 years under the leadership of Betsie Norris, who founded the agency in 1988. An adoptee herself, Norris had completed a successful search for her birth parents and recognized the unmet needs of adoptees, birth parents and adoptive parents.

Once seen as a simple legal event, Norris helped transform the perception of adoption. She showed that it was a complex, lifelong and intergenerational journey with ongoing issues for all whose lives are touched by it.

Since Norris founded Adoption Network Cleveland, more than 800 children and youth have become part of permanent families through the Adopt Cuyahoga’s Kids Initiative. Another 1,850 adoptee/birth family searches have been assisted to completion, and some 60,000 contacts have been served through the Adoption Helpline.

The organization is also active in advocacy for those whose lives have been impacted by adoption. Adoption Network Cleveland has worked hard to support legislation to allow adoptees access to their original birth certificates in Ohio and supported a bill that requires a reasonable effort be made to place siblings together in foster care.

Driven both by her own experiences and a deep passion to help improve the lives of those touched by adoption in some way, Norris continues to lead Adoption Network Cleveland to help others. The success the organization has achieved is clearly evident when groups in other parts of the country reach out to Norris and her team for guidance, as the state of Michigan did in 2012 to replicate Adoption Network Cleveland’s Adoption Navigator program. ●

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Eaton Corp. embraces its Northeast Ohio roots

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Alexander Cutler
Chairman and CEO
Eaton Corp.

Eaton Corp. takes a different approach to corporate giving than many companies — they let employees determine where the company donates a large share of its contributions, based on the needs in the communities and interests of local employees. These donations go to hundreds of community organizations every year.

Eaton’s yearly contributions are based on a rolling average of its annual profits, so as the company grows, so do its contributions to the communities in which Eaton employees live and work. In 2012, that total exceeded $8.7 million.

There is no better example of this than in the Cleveland area, where Eaton has been located for 100 years. Founder Joseph Eaton was one of the local leaders who helped create the Community Chest, a precursor to the United Way. Eaton’s culture of giving back continues with Alexander Cutler, the company’s chairman and CEO.

Eaton has about 1,800 employees at eight Cleveland-area locations serving its global customers in the electrical, aerospace, hydraulics and vehicle businesses. In Ohio, Eaton has about 3,500 employees. The company’s employee-driven model means that Eaton works with a wide range of organizations in addressing a broad spectrum of needs in local communities, from education to arts and culture, to health and human services.

Eaton is represented on more than 90 boards in the Cleveland area, holding leadership positions with ideastream, University Hospitals Health System, the Salvation Army of Greater Cleveland, the Greater Cleveland Partnership, the United Way of Greater Cleveland, the Musical Arts Association, the Playhouse Square Foundation and the Cleveland Museum of Art. ●


Kevin J. Goodman
Managing director and partner
BlueBridge Networks LLS

BlueBridge Networks LLC, a data protections and recovery organization, is familiar with partnering with small to middle market businesses — and that also goes for giving back to its partner community enterprises.

This summer, BlueBridge announced plans for a hometown project with global implications. BlueBridge has donated up to $600,000 to help move the Cleveland Museum of Art collection to a cloud-based archival repository to provide a redundancy and preservation system more efficiently than the museum could do in-house.

As a result, not only will the staff be able to retrieve specific digital materials more efficiently, but the project will eliminate the need for more than 1,000 gold DVDs a year, currently used for data storage.

Kevin Goodman, managing director and partner, says BlueBridge’s involvement in the project is just a portion of his long-standing respect for Cleveland and its institutions.

Such projects are not the only focus of BlueBridge’s philanthropic efforts. The company supports the American Red Cross of Greater Cleveland, helping to organize blood drives.

BlueBridge has also joined with the Greater Cleveland Partnership, the largest private-sector economic development organization in Ohio, to assist the agency in its efforts to help create jobs and help businesses grow in Northeast Ohio.

Goodman believes companies choose BlueBridge as a service provider more and more because of its growth and maturity as an organization — a direct result of serving the community. ●

Medical Mutual, along with our co-founding Pillar Award partner Smart Business, presents the 16th annual Pillar Awards.

This year, we are honoring an outstanding group of companies and organizations of varying sizes.

While this year’s diverse group of honorees may be different in many ways, one thing that they all have in common is their commitment to strengthening the bond between the for-profit and nonprofit worlds.

It occurred to us many years ago that few things are more meaningful and important than investing time and resources in supporting our community, and we felt the need to honor companies and their employees who have gone above and beyond the call. While support and direction come from management, companies are only as great as their employees.

For that reason, we are proud to present the Medical Mutual SHARE Award. This unique award was founded to recognize companies whose employees best exemplify the ideals of Medical Mutual’s own employee SHARE Committee. SHARE stands for serve, help, aid, reach and educate, and is the heart and soul of Medical Mutual’s charitable giving efforts.

The SHARE committee, comprised of Medical Mutual employee volunteers, helps coordinate more than two-dozen community events involving nearly half of the company’s 2,500 employees.

On behalf of Medical Mutual and Smart Business, we congratulate all our 2013 Pillar Award recipients.

Rick Chiricosta
Chairman, president and CEO
Medical Mutual


  • Pillar Award for Community Service - Presented to for-profit businesses for their community service efforts
  • Medical Mutual SHARE Award - Presented to one company annually that best exemplifies employee-driven community service, philanthropy or volunteerism.
  • Nonprofit Board Executive of the Year Award - Honors contributions by for-profit business executives who serve as members of nonprofit boards
  • Nonprofit Executive Director of the Year Award - Recognizes nonprofit executive directors who effectively apply for-profit business principles to their organizations.
  • Fairmount Minerals Sustainable Business Award - Awarded to the organization that best demonstrates sustainable business practices.
  • Kent Clapp CEO Leadership Award - Recognizes the top executive of a for-profit company for creating a culture of giving.
  • Clark-Reliance Youth Philanthropy Award – Presented to the individual or individuals under the age of 22 or who have not yet graduated from college, who best demonstrate the spirit and drive to organize a nonprofit, create an individual initiative that impacts others, or develop a program designed to give back to the community either on an ongoing basis or as a one-off effort.


Kent Clapp CEO Leadership Award, Kevin Goodman, managing director, Blue Bridge Networks

Pillar Award for Community Service

Medical Mutual SHARE Award 

Fairmount Minerals Sustainable Business Practices Award 

Executive Directors of the Year

Nonprofit Board Executives of the Year

Clark-Reliance Youth Philanthropy Award

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2013 SoMe Impact Awards - Large Category

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SBN Interactive proudly presents the Midwest Social Media Summit inaugural class of SoMe Impact Award winners! These awards recognize marketing executives who took a leap of faith into the groundbreaking world of social media and in doing so, drove substantial value for their companies.

Nominations were received from the Cleveland, Akron, Columbus and Pittsburgh regions across three categories — emerging, midsized and large industries. Throughout the nomination period, the breadth and number of entrants that were submitted blew us away. The strategies and innovations represented by these companies are world class, and we want to thank everyone who took the time to fill out surveys or contact us directly with nominations. Sorting through the fierce competition was not easy, but the 2013 SoMe Impact Award honorees are all deserving of the recognition.

While social media was once seen as a passing fad, it is clear that it is no longer enough to have Facebook or Twitter accounts — companies must actively engage their customers. The inaugural group of winners represented marketing executives who effectively used social media to make a meaningful difference at his or her organization. Ranging from companies who promote the social media initiatives of national organizations to those who have had successful special promotions that have garnered thousands of followers and millions of hits on YouTube, the first class of honorees demonstrate the milestones they have achieved in what is becoming the future of marketing. We are excited to announce the winners of the 2013 SoMe Impact Awards!


Here are the winners in the large category:


Tom Salpietra

president and COO
EYE Lighting International

EYE Lighting International spent two decades pioneering lamp and luminaire technology and introducing innovative HID and LED lighting products to a variety of customers in both the business world and the home.

In early 2011, it was clear that a new dynamic was in play that EYE Lighting needed to address. Social media was growing every day and the company needed a strategy to allow it to reach beyond existing distribution channels and industry communications media.

Under the leadership of Tom Salpietra, the company’s president and COO, EYE Lighting set out to establish a comprehensive social media policy. It lays out clear expectations for how administrators and employees interact with the company’s social media platforms.

The company’s Facebook page grew slowly at first, but quickly gained steam when EYE Lighting launched a targeted ad campaign and the page now has more than 10,000 likes. Work was also done in the way of Google AdWords and Analytics and new channels were created to make product announcements and generate interest in well-established products that still offer value to customers.

EYE Lighting also took a look at its website and hired a Northeast Ohio web development company to create a better master product database. The company also wanted a site that was mobile friendly for both smartphones and tablets and studied its inbound marketing techniques to adopt a higher level of calls-to-action by visitors to the site.

As new ideas continue to sprout, EYE Lighting will continue to find new and better ways to take advantage of all the opportunity social media provides to interact with customers.

Twitter: @EYELightingINTL
Fabebook: facebook.com/eyelightinginternational
LinkedIn: linkd.in/1fiHaxy


Susan Elder

director of marketing
Jenne Inc.

Social media is the hot topic these days and everybody is looking for a piece of the action. As the platforms change and evolve, the rules are constantly changing and companies are tasked with developing strategies to get the most out of each tool.

One thing that won’t change no matter the forum or venue is the importance of honesty and integrity. These two traits dominate the 10 points of the Social Media Policy Guidelines at Jenne Inc.

The guidelines are a key element to the social media strategy developed by Susan Elder, Jenne’s director of marketing who came to the company in January 2012. Elder brought 25 years of experience in marketing and corporate communications to the table, having most recently served as chief marketing officer with the American Red Cross of Greater Cleveland.

When Elder came to Jenne, she discovered the company did not have a social media program in place. It was an opportunity to build a program from the ground up.

She began on LinkedIn, developing a group that has grown to include more than 1,000 Jenne customers who are resellers of technology products, as well as vendors who are the manufacturers of these products.

The group also includes content about webinars, training classes and new products and programs that Jenne markets and sells on behalf of the 170 manufacturers the company distributes.

Facebook and Twitter have also been worked into the mix, and Elder has enlisted a core group of subject matter experts in the company to regularly post and contribute to the forums.

Twitter: @JenneInc
Facebook: on.fb.me/I5942l
LinkedIn: linkd.in/1dZqqYv


Jason Parks

emerging media and video specialist

Charlie Kordes

vice president of customer demand and experience
SafeAuto Insurance Co.

Ayanna Lewis is a perfect example of the power of social media. The wife and mother of two from Hamilton, Ohio, entered SafeAuto Insurance Co.’s 2013 “Do The Jingle Contest” and won with her minute-long music video. The contest generated over 3.3 million votes, with more than 392,000 of those votes going to Lewis.

While it provides an opportunity for anyone interested to get creative and develop a clever new ad campaign for SafeAuto, the contest itself generates a lot of interest and awareness in the company as people visit YouTube to see what past winners have done or just re-watch their favorite commercials.

The audience that has been developed through the auto insurer’s social media campaign is substantial. SafeAuto has more than 50,000 Facebook and Twitter followers combined and more than 1.2 million views on its YouTube channel.

The results reinforce the power of social media for people in the company as well as customers. It allows associates to see the messaging and brand consistency on social channels and stay up to date and informed on the initiatives taking place at SafeAuto.

Under the leadership of Jason Parks, the company’s emerging media/video specialist and Charlie Kordes, vice president of customer demand and experience, the plan going forward is to continue to invest in social media.

The company will continue searching for more ways to both provide entertaining content and inform customers and followers about all of the things that are happening at SafeAuto.

Twitter: @SafeAuto
Facebook: facebook.com/SafeAutoInsuranceCompany
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/safeauto-insurance-company


Sara McKinniss

marketing communications strategist
ODW Logistics

Sara McKinniss found evidence that ODW Logistics wanted to build a presence in the social media realm. When she arrived at the company, however, nothing had come to fruition. It was her job to change that.

She was the first in-house marketing hire in the company’s history and she was given an opportunity to strategically plan and build out a social media program. McKinniss had grown quite fond of the power of social media in recent years and relished the chance to develop an effective platform at ODW.

One of the principles that McKinniss wanted to keep in mind was the idea that strategy typically doesn’t change once it’s conceptualized. It’s the tools that are used that create the biggest headaches for users. When Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn make tweaks to how things are done, it forces users to adapt to ensure they continue to get the greatest value from the tool.

McKinniss helped ODW launch an integrated approach that consists of a presence on Twitter, YouTube, Wordpress and LinkedIn. The goal is to not only inform people, but engage them and share the same content across multiple channels to ensure the best reach.

The result is an increased presence on the Web and in the social media world, allowing the ability to interact with the communities in which the company lives and does business. It has helped drive traffic to the company’s website, helped bolster SEO and PPC initiatives, and assisted in securing sales leads.

Twitter: @ODWLogistics
LinkedIn: linkd.in/IgAsto


Tony Zayas

interactive media manager, marketing

Tony Zayas has a passion for social media, but he understands that it’s still an unknown for a lot of people. Sure, most people know how to maintain a Facebook page or Twitter account for their personal lives. But what goes into having an active and successful social media presence in the business world?

Zayas is the interactive media manager for Proforma, working with more than 750 franchise locations to help franchise owners boost their social media presence. Zayas understands that these leaders need to be out prospecting and selling to be successful. His goal is to design steps that integrate the process of growing the business with growing Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other popular networking sites.

He established the Intelligent Marketing Mastermind Group that each month offers a webinar for owners to join and learn about how they can utilize social media and other online marketing tools to their advantage. He also maintains an online community for owners to ask questions and provide feedback and success stories. In addition, Zayas offers news and tutorials to help owners improve their own social media efforts.

The strong commitment demonstrated by Zayas has paid off in the form of larger followings on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as an increasing number of success stories that have ties to social media. Zayas has a passion for his own success, but he gets even more excited at seeing the people he works with achieve victories and grow their business.

Twitter: @proforma
Facebook: facebook.com/ProformaSupportCenter
LinkedIn: linkd.in/1dhXAWQ

Tuesday, 19 November 2013 09:10

2013 SoMe Impact Awards - Middle Category

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SBN Interactive proudly presents the Midwest Social Media Summit inaugural class of SoMe Impact Award winners! These awards recognize marketing executives who took a leap of faith into the groundbreaking world of social media and in doing so, drove substantial value for their companies.

Nominations were received from the Cleveland, Akron, Columbus and Pittsburgh regions across three categories — emerging, midsized and large industries. Throughout the nomination period, the breadth and number of entrants that were submitted blew us away. The strategies and innovations represented by these companies are world class, and we want to thank everyone who took the time to fill out surveys or contact us directly with nominations. Sorting through the fierce competition was not easy, but the 2013 SoMe Impact Award honorees are all deserving of the recognition.

While social media was once seen as a passing fad, it is clear that it is no longer enough to have Facebook or Twitter accounts — companies must actively engage their customers. The inaugural group of winners represented marketing executives who effectively used social media to make a meaningful difference at his or her organization. Ranging from companies who promote the social media initiatives of national organizations to those who have had successful special promotions that have garnered thousands of followers and millions of hits on YouTube, the first class of honorees demonstrate the milestones they have achieved in what is becoming the future of marketing. We are excited to announce the winners of the 2013 SoMe Impact Awards!

Here are the winners in the middle category: 


Kristie VanAuken

senior vice president and chief marketing and communications officer
Akron-Canton Airport

Before social media, there were few ways for an airport to interact with its customers, and building relationships was next to impossible. The growth of social media, however, has allowed businesses like the Akron-Canton Airport (CAK) to directly interact with its customers on an ongoing basis.

When CAK began using social media, its intended audience was tech-savvy travelers. Today, that audience has grown to include any traveler on a social media platform. In creating CAK’s social media program, the goal for Kristie VanAuken, senior vice president and chief marketing and communications officer, was to not only gain followers, but to engage and build a genuine relationship with them.

CAK was the first U.S. airport to have a Facebook group in 2007 and now has nearly 60,000 total likes, making it the third largest airport on Facebook. In 2008, it was also one of the first airports to start a Twitter account and now has more than 8,000 followers. CAK thanks customers and shows them the appreciation they deserve every day. It’s a simple strategy that has helped CAK set annual passenger records from 2010 to 2012, and more than double the number of travelers in the past 10 years.

CAK didn’t end its social media program with Facebook and Twitter. The airport has hundreds of YouTube videos, a blog on its website and continues to adapt to, and adopt, new social media such as Instagram and Pinterest.

Social media has become a cornerstone of the airport’s identity and brand strategy to engage travelers and keep them flying with CAK.

Twitter: @cakairport
Facebook: facebook.com/akroncantonairport


Elizabeth Boehm

interactive marketing manager
Benesch, Friedlander, Coplan & Aronoff

Years ago, society stayed connected through the big three in media — newspaper, radio and television — it’s a no-brainer that staying connected to each other through the Internet far surpasses what those big three offered. Today, friends and colleagues constantly bombarded each other with requests, status updates, photo tags, email forwards and links to videos.

Benesch, Friedlander, Coplan & Aronoff recognizes the importance of embracing these changes, and through the efforts of Elizabeth Boehm, interactive marketing manager, is working to have a strong grasp on the technologies driving these changes.

Social media tools the law firm utilizes include blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and others. The firm’s two Twitter feeds have seen a 50 percent increase in followers in 2013 alone, and the company’s LinkedIn page has seen an increase in audience of 20 percent.

Benesch is dedicated to building a deep understanding of its clients, their businesses and their industries. Its adoption of these social media tools has helped the firm achieve these goals with much more ease and efficiency. The lines of communication between the firm and its clients and vice versa are now always open, and anyone can reach out for legal advice.

In addition, these social media tools such as LinkedIn connect visitors to millions of business professionals and potential clients. They serve as a modern day Rolodex. Benesch uses these tools to stay in touch with clients, recruit talent, follow-up on leads, get referrals and, above all, build credibility.

Twitter: @BeneschLaw
Twitter: @OhioShaleUpdate
Facebook: facebook.com/BeneschLaw
LinkedIn: bit.ly/Benesch_Law


Ron Poff

manager of global marketing and brands
Mar-Bal Inc.

Mar-Bal Inc., a B2B manufacturer of thermoset composites, launched its social media presence in late 2011 and early 2012. Mar-Bal has company pages on LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Google+ and in mid-August launched a Twitter channel.

Even though most people relate social media with B2C companies, Mar-Bal and Ron Poff, its manager of global marketing and brands, saw an opportunity to increase brand awareness in the marketplace and increase content on the Web to drive search engine optimization and share credible and worthwhile news, links and other information to its audience.

Mar-Bal developed a social media strategy plan and implemented it in the summer of 2012. The company’s engagement and topic strategy has centered on its strengths, heritage, people and products. It also shares customer partner’s strengths and focuses on a “Made in the USA” and “USA manufacturing” drive.

Both competitors and industry association members have recognized Mar-Bal as an innovator and leader in social media. In fact, Poff was asked to speak at Composites 2013 about Mar-Bal’s journey with social media. The company now has more than 500 likes on Facebook, more than 250 followers on LinkedIn, and continues to grow its presence and content on Twitter, Google+ and YouTube.

Mar-Bal and Poff realize there is still a long road ahead to grow the brand and impact with social media. Both feel, however, that the company has made a strong start in the right direction.

Twitter: @MarBalOneSource
Facebook: facebook.com/MarBalInc
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/mar-bal-inc


Jessica Morris

marketing coordinator
Staffing Solutions Enterprises and Integrity Staffing Services

As marketing coordinator, Jessica Morris has overseen all social media and marketing initiatives on behalf of Staffing Solutions Enterprises and Integrity Staffing Services. That includes laying the groundwork and steadily building social media followings and marketing initiatives as a one-person team for both companies.

Throughout her tenure, it has become her objective to not only gain likes and followers on social media, but provide outlets to create two-way conversations and relationships, while cultivating a sense of community with employees, clients, colleagues, prospects and friends, by showcasing the brand and employment opportunities.

This year, Morris developed a 40-week campaign to showcase Staffing Solutions’ rich history of community engagement, personal success stories and business milestones over the past 40 years. Using her creative content marketing skills and expertise, she created a “social story” that was designed to promote user-engagement, accessibility and reveal the character, integrity and light-hearted personalities of staff. Within eight weeks of the campaign’s launch, Facebook likes and engagement increased by nearly 40 percent.

Morris has also overseen the Integrity website redesign and launch. Integrity’s Facebook page experienced a 60 percent growth from cross-traffic by communicating with assignment employees on a more personal and accessible level within a six-month time frame.

Furthermore, as the talent pool continues to shrink with a recovering economy, using new social media and recruitment tactics attracts high quality candidates and differentiates both Staffing Solutions and Integrity from other staffing firms.

Facebook: facebook.com/StaffingSolutionsEnterprises
Twitter: @IntegrityStaff1
Facebook: facebook.com/IntegrityStaff


Dana Foster

marketing manager

According to a 2011 study by the Harvard Business Review, manufacturers were among the bottom three of least active users of social media — and Thogus was no exception. There was no dedicated marketing personnel and only nascent use of social media without a clear strategy developed to harness it effectively. This changed when Dana Foster joined the company as marketing manager in 2011.

Thogus wanted to create a sales plan to “own our backyard,” focused on developing Thogus in the Northeast Ohio area. Foster saw an opportunity too not only promote Thogus as a manufacturing leader in the local area, but nationally as well.

Foster’s strategy utilized Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook with clear focuses on each platform. Facebook helped display the Thogus culture as it relates to the company’s brand. In the past two months alone, the number of likes to the Thogus page has grown 30 percent.

Thogus’ Twitter account is used to help promote customers, as well as foster relationships with other people in the manufacturing sector. Since 2011, the number of Twitter followers has grown more than 1,200 percent to 640 followers.

LinkedIn has proven to be the driving force behind traffic to the Thogus website. Since implementing a new strategy at the start of 2013, visits to the Thogus LinkedIn page have quadrupled and unique visits have tripled.

In just two years, Foster has grown Thogus’ social media presence and brand awareness, positioning the company as a marketing leader in the plastics processing industry.

Twitter: @Thogus
Facebook: facebook.com/Thogus
LinkedIn: linkd.in/1bDpGFk