2009 Junior Achievement Business Hall of Fame

Junior Achievement of Central Ohio is proud to host the Central Ohio Business Hall of Fame ceremony. The Central Ohio Business Hall of Fame has recognized more than 60 distinguished business leaders over the past two decades.

This year’s inductees — David Blom, Bill Heifner, Nancy Kramer and David Schoedinger — are fantastic additions to the dynamic group that already graces our hall. Each of these leaders sets a great example for all of us in his or her passion and leadership. From their passion and drive to their true entrepreneurial spirit, these leaders are a key part of the fabric of the Central Ohio business community.

Junior Achievement volunteers help kids develop dreams, give them the courage and passion to live out those dreams, and then they also help children develop the skills to actualize their dreams. Each year we help more than 35,000 students dream big in Central Ohio.

Junior Achievement is committed to entrepreneurialism, kids and Central Ohio. We are working with the kids, the leaders of the school systems, passionate volunteers and local business leaders like the ones we are honoring in the Business Hall of Fame. We are working with them to change Columbus. The history of our region is a tapestry of great people, great education and great entrepreneurs. It is time for all of us to stand up and take control of our future. It is time for the next generation of entrepreneurs to be developed, encouraged and taught.

Join me in standing up for our children. I am excited about what the entrepreneurs of the past and present have done for Central Ohio. I am thrilled at the prospects of what our Junior Achievement alumni will do for our community over the next decade.

RJ Nicolosi is the chairman of the board of Junior Achievement of Central Ohio and the CEO of Midwest Electric. Reach JA at http://centralohio.ja.org.