2012 Pacesetter centurion: Kenneth Ramsey, president and CEO, Gateway Rehab

Kenneth S. Ramsey, president and CEO, Gateway Rehab

Kenneth Ramsey joined Gateway Rehab in 1977 and soon recognized the stigma associated with substance addiction. With Gateway Rehab’s 39 employees and subpar treatment techniques and facilities, Ramsey came to realize that the damage caused by drug and alcohol addiction was a result of this lack of available treatment. He sought to reform the industry to offer quality treatment and make substance abuse at the forefront of everyone’s minds.

By working to frame substance abuse as a disease, Ramsey hopes to ease societal transitions, repair family relationships and transform the lives of recovering patients.  Today, Gateway Rehab treats 1,400 people daily, has more than 600 employees and has expanded to 22 locations throughout Pennsylvania and Ohio. A comprehensive youth services center designed to treat chemically addicted juveniles is to open in September 2012 as part of this expansion.

Ramsey’s focus on employment has transformed the management system at Gateway Rehab. His approach encompasses the employment of the most modern treatment techniques, the best treatment specialists in the field and a compassionate approach to treating those fighting addiction. He also noticed that addiction was a problem in the suburbs as well as inner-city areas but suburban areas often neglected these issues. He located accessible treatment facilities in the suburbs, which was an important innovation in a field stagnated by stigma.

With the establishment of Gateway Rehab’s corrections program and facilities for male and female inmates, Ramsey has become a recognized leader in the field of addiction treatment for felons and those accused of felonies.

Ramsey’s contributions to the social-work field have been recognized by his alma mater through the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Social Work’s “Distinguished Alumni Award.” Ramsey continues to learn from the emerging research in the field and will continue to forge a path for Gateway Rehab to lead in substance abuse treatment techniques and facilities.

How to Reach: Gateway Rehab, (412) 604-8900 or www.gatewayrehab.org