2012 Pacesetter emerging: Dan Courser, president and CEO, Predictive Synergistic Systems

Dan Courser, president and CEO, Predictive Synergistic Systems

In 2008, Dan Courser chose Pittsburgh as the location of his next venture with the goal of becoming one of the most valued consultancies for solving clients’ human capital issues. Despite economic instability, Courser began Predictive Synergistic Systems, a company designed to “maximize human potential” and has continued to lead the industry in employee selection and engagement through his insightful advice and innovative people skills.

Courser operates with the mentality that the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts.

“The only assumption employers are allowed to make is that people come to work every day intending to do their best,” Courser says, “If that isn’t happening, then one of two things is going on: It’s an alignment issue where you have got the wrong people in the wrong seat, or there is a lack of clarity.”

Courser’s ability to transform an organization speaks to his unique perspective on people and the ease through which he connects with others. He aims to create transparent leaders and helps organizations assemble ad hoc teams that are balanced around diversity of thought. Courser believes a key aspect of human resources is to hire people into jobs that fit their strengths and passions.

In order to make Predictive Synergistic into a highly successful, well-aligned team, Courser used the Predictive Index. The process compares an individual’s behavioral profile to the performance requirements of a job role to select the best candidates. In the past four years, Courser has worked with more than 100 organizations and has provided clients with the analytics necessary to hire top talent and foster high-performance organizational cultures.

With his unique outlook, Courser will lead Predictive Synergistic Systems to succeed by simply reaching out to help regional companies achieve their best and most productive teams possible.

How to Reach: Predictive Synergistic Systems, (412) 322-2293 or www.predictivesynergisticsystems.com

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