2012 Pacesetter emerging: Mike Robb, executive director, CCR, ANR, NDC

Mike Robb, Executive Director, CCR, ANR, NDC

Mike Robb is the passionate executive director of three nonprofit agencies: Center for Community Resources, Alliance for Nonprofit Resources and the Nonprofit Development Corp., all located in Butler, Pa. Robb works to unite these three agencies under the goal to provide support to both the community and fellow nonprofit agencies in order to build a comprehensive support network in the Western Pennsylvania region.

CCR, the original organization, is a human service agency that connects community members in need with the appropriate network of supports and services. Robb wanted to capitalize on CCR’s abilities and evolve its services to include those of ANR and NDC, both of which provide support services to other community nonprofit agencies. ANR offers backend support and services including grant writing, fiscal support, and marketing and design. NDC, formed in 2010, focuses on property management and offers support through technical assistance, training and capacity-building opportunities.

Together, the three nonprofits showcase Robb’s diverse leadership and analytical skill to utilize human and financial resources. After a total of $825,000 in funding cuts this year, Robb has found new ways to maintain staff members and continue each agency’s impressive growth. He constantly pursues new programs and services to fill gaps in the community and also seeks out inefficient programs in hopes to partner with the nonprofit and offer resources to improve operating efficiency.

Currently, Robb oversees 59 programs available to more than 180,000 residents, including transportation, housing and crisis management programs. CCR, ANR and NDC are all embarking on new projects and partnerships to better the nonprofit community, and Robb hopes this will continue and develop a regional Western Pennsylvania presence.

Robb hopes to impact 25,000 people per year and achieve agencywide compliance and accreditation in the near future. Recently, Robb was named the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia award winner.

How to Reach: Center for Community Resources, (724) 431-0095 or www.ccrinfo.org