2012 Pacesetter midsize: N. Cabot Earle, chief administrative officer and general counsel, Microbac Laboratories Inc.

N. Cabot Earle, chief administrative officer and general counsel, Microbac Laboratories Inc.

In 2009, Cabot Earle was appointed to chief administrative officer for Microbac Labs, a role that made him responsible for operations of the corporate office in Pittsburgh, as well as many management functions at the company, from human resources to risk management. Earle has played an important role in the growth strategy of Microbac Laboratories Inc., a third-party independent testing laboratory. Today, he is CAO and general counsel and is largely responsible for the company’s goal of doubling business every seven years.

Earle recently completed his MBA at Case Western Reserve University, and his commitment to education is reflected in both his actions and his expectations for Microbac employees. Earle believes in professional development, and pushes employees to pursue additional training and certification in order to develop a talented, qualified team.

While this role is an impressive one, Earle’s leadership does not stop there. He is a passionate supporter of small- and medium-sized enterprises and uses his position on the World Affairs Council to advocate for their importance. He is a vital board member of the council as vice chair, and serves as vice chair of the Community Theater Project Corporation. All three positions require diverse displays of leadership and Earle takes on each role with innovation and excitement.

Earle’s diverse management skills make him a well-rounded business leader with the capabilities to lead multiple markets to succeed. The success of Microbac Labs as well as the other organizations Earle is involved in speaks volumes of his ability to balance responsibilities and offer his best effort, no matter the situation. As each business continues to grow, they will benefit from Earle’s creativity, knowledge and vast experience.

How to Reach: Microbac Laboratories Inc., (412) 459-1060 or www.microbac.com