2012 Pillar Award Finalist: Enzo Perfetto, manager, Handyman and a Hammer For Our Troops

Enzo Perfetto, Manager, Handyman and a Hammer For Our Troops

Enzo Perfetto is grateful for the opportunities he received from his father that enabled him to be the successful businessman that he is today. It is largely because of that strong upbringing and the things that he has achieved in his life that Perfetto feels such a calling to find ways to give back to his community.

Perfetto has become a mentor to students who want to learn more about the construction industry at Cuyahoga Valley Career Center. He felt that most colleges don’t offer the skills in heating and cooling systems and electrical processes that students need to excel in the homebuilding arena. So he set out to build a foundation and lay the groundwork for students to gain those kinds of skills.

The result is a summer camp that brings together students in grades seven through nine for 30 hours over a one-week period. They learn about using power tools and get a much-needed base level of knowledge that can put them in a better position to find success in the industry.

Perfetto, manager of Enzoco Homes, which does business as Handyman and a Hammer For Our Troops, also wanted to do something to help veterans. He met with the VA Hospital in Cleveland and learned that veterans’ benefits do not cover minor home repairs.

He is working with the Paralyzed Veterans of America to come up with future fundraising events and a program that would fill a critical need by helping to make these repairs that while minor, still need to be done.

Through both of these programs, Perfetto has found a way to honor the help he received from his father and to make a huge difference in the lives of future construction industry workers and veterans.


How to reach: Enzoco Homes, (440) 221-9613 or www.enzoco.com