2012 Pillar Award Finalist: Eric Hauge, vice president and general manager, ArcelorMittal Cleveland

Eric Hauge, Vice President and General Manager, ArcelorMittal Cleveland

Money is central to pretty much every aspect of our lives today, including acts of community service. Without proper funding, charitable organizations couldn’t do all that they do for those who really need it. But Eric Hauge, the company’s vice president and general manager and his employees at ArcelorMittal Cleveland are firm believers that a company’s philanthropic efforts have to be more than just a check.

It’s why the company’s strategic direction cannot begin to be shaped without including the work that company employees will take on that year to make their community a better place. It’s a comprehensive effort that includes representation from both ArcelorMittal and the communities that the company calls home.

These partners meet to identify problems that need to be addressed and then discuss plans to solve those problems. The money is a part of that but the time and the commitment to finding solutions is what can really make the difference.

One of the most recent projects for ArcelorMittal is an effort to help preserve the Cuyahoga River and take steps to ensure it remains the valuable natural resource that it is today for so many people.

The company has partnered with the Cuyahoga River Community Planning Organization to work on developing sustainable approaches to manage sediment in the river. There are also talks about what can be done to support fish habitats in the river’s shipping channel.

But that’s just one aspect of what ArcelorMittal is doing. The company actively supports developing science, technology, engineering and math skills through the STEM program. Financial support has enabled Cleveland schools to purchase Smart Boards, robotics equipment and other tools that help students learn.

The relationships continue to grow and that’s good news for those proud to have ArcelorMittal in their town.


How to reach: ArcelorMittal Cleveland, (216) 429-6062 or www.arcelormittal.com