2012 Nonprofit Board Executive of the Year Finalist: Mike Crislip, chairman and president, New Directions and Crossroads

Mike Crislip, Chairman and President, New Directions and Crossroads

As the chairman and president of New Directions Inc., Mike Crislip has worked to improve the efficiency of his organization’s ability to carry out its mission of providing life-changing treatment to chemically dependent adolescents.

Beginning in 2009, Crislip helped spearhead a joint consolidation effort between his organization and Crossroads — part of a pilot program conducted by Cuyahoga County Human Services. The pilot program was a collaborative effort among 18 local foundations, facilitating a three-phase project consisting of education, assessment and negotiations.

As part of the effort to restructure New Directions and Crossroads, Crislip led the boards of directors for both organizations in more than 30 hours of negotiations, culminating in an integrated board of directors to serve both organizations.

In January 2011, the board of directors for New Directions and Crossroads both voted to approve the consolidation, allowing the organizations to share a single governing board, CEO and senior management team. The organizations remain separate entities regarding their missions, 501(c)3 status, accreditation and donors.

The innovative consolidation initiative has helped two community organizations conserve resources as they continue to make a positive impact in the communities they serve — spanning two counties — and has helped the leaders of both organization align their strategic planning processes to more efficiently and effectively reach their goals and realize their missions.

Following the completion of the consolidation process, Crislip volunteered to host the board members and senior staff of both companies in his office during a six-month strategic planning process — while still serving as president of Herschman Architects Inc. Crislip’s dedication to this initiative underscores his passion for New Directions and Crossroads and the missions of both organizations in the community.


How to reach: New Directions Inc. and Crossroads, (216) 591-0324 or www.newdirect.org