2012 Pillar Award Finalist: Philip Alexander, president, BrandMuscle Inc.

Philip Alexander, President, BrandMuscle Inc.

Philip Alexander wants his employees at BrandMuscle Inc. to do their part to help out in the community, but he doesn’t want them to do it for him. He also doesn’t want employees to feel forced into work that doesn’t touch their heart and feels more like a pet project of the company, rather than a meaningful life experience for the employee.

It’s for that reason that Alexander, the president of BrandMuscle, puts the power to determine what causes the company will support in the hands of his employees. He wants them to find that cause that means so much to them and be able to do something that makes a difference. When that happens, they bring all their passion into their support and the cause, whatever it might be, is the beneficiary.

Alexander has causes that he supports, too, and he has witnessed the power that his dedication and commitment to community service can have on his employees. They see what he is doing and how much it means to him, and it just fuels their spirit to do their own good work.

By keeping the discussion active about what charities BrandMuscle supports, Alexander and his team ensure that their efforts change as the culture changes and as employees come and go, they are always working toward that special cause that is close to their hearts.

New employees learn right away how much community service means at BrandMuscle as Alexander goes over the history of the business and the values that it’s been built upon.

He challenges each employee to get involved in the company’s philanthropy and explains that if each one of them “turns on a light in someone’s life by giving back, all those lights can light up the world.”


How to reach: BrandMuscle Inc., (866) 464-4342 or www.brandmuscle.com