2013 Innovation Awards – Visionary – TPC Wire & Cable Corp.

Todd Hadbavny

Product manager


Keeley Schneider

Material development engineer


Jay Hathaway

Food and beverage segment manager

TPC Wire & Cable Corp.


After listening to a number of customer concerns about keeping their food and beverage manufacturing facilities clean, TPC Wire & Cable Corp.’s research and development team — led by Todd Hadbavny, product manager; Keeley Schneider, material development engineer; and Jay Hathaway, food and beverage segment manager — had a flash of insight.

Antimicrobial products have been around for years, most commonly found in household cleaning products — soaps and lotions — as well as in hospitals and other medical facilities.

But the bacteria, fungus and mold that grew on machinery, cables, floors, walls and other equipment were a real hazard. As a supplier of industrial cable, TPC focused its mission on how to use antimicrobial technology as it applied to electrical cable.

The solution was to develop its industrial cable product, Defender, to contain a silver ion-based additive in the jacket. Silver ions attack the cell wall of the microbe, destroying the microbe’s outer defense system within a few hours.

In addition to antimicrobial properties, Defender cable was designed to be flexible. Its small diameter makes it able to fit through tight spaces. The cable can withstand extreme temperatures, harsh chemicals, oils and acids while providing long-term, broad-spectrum protection from bacteria, mold and fungus.

Despite the obvious health benefits the antimicrobial cable provides, it also offers a money-saving solution for its customers. If an inspection by a health department or agency reveals microbial growth, it can lead to fines and possibly a shutdown while the cable is replaced.


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