2013 Pacesetter – Centurion winner – System One Holdings

System One Holdings LLC dates back to 1979, but over the years the business was sold from one large corporation to another and was continually mismanaged and misunderstood. It wasn’t until Troy Gregory convinced the company’s last owner, Hudson Highland Group, to sell him the company that System One began to stabilize and gain a foothold in the staffing industry.

As president and CEO of System One, Gregory’s first order of business was to win the trust of employees and to build out his infrastructure to replace the resources that Hudson had provided. Today, Gregory brings out the best in his people because they want to prove that their accomplishments are up to his standards. With Gregory at the helm of the staffing and services company, which is focused on the energy sector, clients see the power of positive reinforcement.

The simplicity of daily feedback loops, rigid reporting structures and the knowledge that the organization cares about them enables Gregory to drive his employees to give their heart and soul from morning to night. Determination is contagious at System One.

A staffing business could be full of reasons why it should not have grown during the Great Recession, but System One grew its bottom line by more than 60 percent. This growth was built on a sales-driven culture that doesn’t take anything for granted and treats its clients, employees and prospects with a level of attentive service that is highly unique for a company the size of System One.

During the Great Recession, the staffing industry was crumbling, but Gregory was a step ahead and thrived by innovating business models. To Gregory, the answer was obvious — apply a cost effective staffing model that provides a full service, high-touch solution.

System One immediately began to offer the best in quality services at more cost-effective rates by maximizing its scalable infrastructure. The company could uniquely provide large-scale solutions requiring tens of millions of dollars of working capital while at the same time treating each client like it was its first one.

The culture of System One is a direct reflection of Gregory’s sensibility, openness and communication. Instilling a sense of mutual respect and appreciation within the organization has brought out the potential in the employees and improved client relationships. Once people have worked with Gregory, they want to continue working with him. It is this self-fulfilling and rewarding cycle that is fueling the growth of System One today and for years to come.


How to reach: System One Holdings LLC, (412) 995-1900 or www.systemoneservices.com


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