2013 Pacesetter – Emerging – TrueFit

Under Darrin Grove’s leadership, TrueFit has carved out a noteworthy role as a collaborative partner to organizations and entities dedicated to building new ideas, products and startups in Pittsburgh and around the country.

Innovation and entrepreneurial spirit both give guidance to Grove, who serves as CEO. His leadership instills a startup mentality throughout the organization and his insatiable thirst for new, disruptive technologies has positioned TrueFit as a leader in bringing new ideas to market. The company acts as an invaluable partner to companies seeking to operate more entrepreneurially.

For TrueFit’s clientele, Grove leads the proprietary Idea Launch process, ensuring that innovation begins with collaboration. He works closely with TrueFit clients to involve a broad cross-section of stakeholders, company leadership, end users and subject matter experts to bring game-changing new technology products to market.

TrueFit has gone through several changes, each with unique challenges. In the first five years, TrueFit grew primarily through a single client relationship — the challenge was diversification. In the next five years, the company plateaued and continued to experiment with a variety of diversification strategies.

TrueFit has always had strong capabilities in engineering, but Grove identified a challenge to understand the brand and build a strong sales and marketing capability. Due to this realization, TrueFit invested heavily in staff, market, product and technology R&D.

In the last five years, TrueFit has established a brand and added a strong sales and marketing capability to the team, which has led to a solid growth trajectory today. Most recently, TrueFit acquired Gist Design, gaining its downtown Pittsburgh office as well as the company’s expertise in product development, consumer research and design.


How to reach: TrueFit, (724) 772-5959 or www.truefitsolutions.com


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