2013 Pacesetter – Mid-sized – Clearview Federal Credit Union

Since 2004 when Mark Brennan was named president and CEO of Clearview Federal Credit Union, he has proven he is a leader dedicated to his organization, his colleagues and his community. He has not only improved the relationship between local credit unions and helped grow Clearview to serve more than 80,000 members, but he has remained true to the credit union’s mission to provide genuine service and high-quality financial products.

Brennan stands out as a pacesetter who inspires other business leaders to become mindful of their organizations’ impact on the community and its people, and to always support people helping people. Under his leadership, Clearview has successfully transitioned from a single sponsor credit union into a community-based credit union serving consumers in the Southwestern Pennsylvania region and meeting their financial service needs.

This shift has allowed Clearview, and in turn credit unions in general, to achieve broader recognition in the area so that consumers might look to credit unions as a new way to manage their money rather than through traditional banking. Brennan has also worked to create partnerships between Clearview and other credit unions.

These groups, though they are in competition with one another, continue to work together on key initiatives and programs to benefit each of their organizations.

In addition, Clearview has implemented the use of technology-based products and services for its members and remains an innovative leader in an effort to satisfy members’ needs for convenience and ease of use online and on mobile delivery systems.


How to reach: Clearview Federal Credit Union, (412) 269-3011 or www.clearviewfcu.org


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