EY Entrepreneur Of The Year™ 2014 Florida Awards

EY Youth Scholarship

fla_eoy_KarenBonillaKaren Bonilla
John A. Ferguson 
Senior High School

Living in Ecuador, Switzerland and now Miami has not only allowed Karen Bonilla to learn five languages, but it has allowed her to observe how the economy and businesses function in different cultures. She has accumulated invaluable knowledge about economics and other business experiences that gradually deepened her curiosity about the business and entrepreneurship sphere, which drove her to create and foster her own business venture, Lepsy’s App.
The catalyst for the development of Lepsy’s App was her 5-year-old sister’s traumatic experience observing a classmate’s epileptic seizure. Karen created an app that explains epilepsy to young children ages 3 to 5, in a colorful and interactive manner. 

Judging Panel

Susan Amat, Ph.D.
Venture Hive


Gregory Celestan
chairman and CEO

Celestar Corporation


fla_eoy_j_MichaelEarleyBoca Raton
Michael M. Earley
Pelican Advisory, LLC
immediate past chairman and EO
Metropolitan Health Networks, Inc.  

fla_eoy_j_JayFreelandLake Mary
Jay Freeland
president and CEO
FARO Technologies, Inc.  


fla_eoy_j_MindyGrossmanSt. Petersburg

Mindy Grossman
HSN, Inc.


Steven Halverson
president and CEO
The Haskell Company


Mark Llano
president and CEO
Source One Distributors, Inc.


fla_eoy_j_NaomiWhittelBoca Raton
Naomi Whittel
founder and CEO
Reserveage Organics