25 organizations that embody the spirit of world-class customer service

If you’re like most executives, you scrutinize every dollar your organization spends. Value is critical, and how you’re treated as a client by vendors and partners can make the difference between doing business with someone and seeking more hospitable options.

But customer service goes beyond treating those you partner with well; it means treating your employees with the same level of internal service that you expect them to deliver outside your organization’s walls.

This is why Smart Business is proud to recognize 25 organizations that have demonstrated their commitment to delivering world-class customer service—both internally and externally.

They understand how to go above and beyond for customers, clients and vendors, essentially rendering price irrelevant. They have systems in place that ensure consistency with every encounter. And they know how to make their employees—as well as customers and vendors—feel valued, not awkward.

In good times and bad, your customer service experience is every bit as important as price points and merchandise quality. Those who deliver service well will reap the benefits.

Simply put, this class of 2016 has cracked the code on how to develop company cultures where delivering top-notch service isn’t just an idea, it’s a promise woven directly into the corporate fabric.



Jim Laber and Jay Mellon
President, CEO
AtNetPlus, Inc.

Since 1998, AtNetPlus, Inc. has been helping small- and medium-sized businesses in Northeast Ohio with their technical needs. For any small business to survive, they have to focus on providing superior customer service. But how does a company truly know how good their service is? The best solution for AtNetPlus has been to simply ask the customer.

Over the years, the company has created various outlets that enable customers to offer both positive and constructive feedback. Customer advisory meetings are held to openly discuss any and all feedback. AtNetPlus then makes action plans based on that feedback to improve the customer experience. Surveys completed after support tickets have been closed also help, enabling team members to find out what they did well along with where they can improve.

The customer service experience starts with the hiring process. Under the leadership of CEO Jay Mellon and President Jim Laber, the company looks for people who have not only the technical skillset needed for their position, but also the customer service attitude and skills needed for its culture. By hiring people with the right attitude, the company is able to make superior customer service a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

AXA Advisors, LLC


Gregg LaSpisa
Executive Vice President
AXA Advisors, LLC

AXA Advisors, LLC has been providing stability and reliability to its clients since 1859 to help them live their lives with confidence, to give them peace of mind and to enable them to realize their dreams for their loved ones and their legacy.

The foundation of these client relationships is customer service, experience and knowledge about strategies and options that can help them address their specific concerns, goals and hopes for the future. The goal is to make sure that clients have everything they need to reach their financial goals.

AXA Advisors is committed to working with clients around their particular needs and wants for securing a financial future.

The local branch serving Northeastern and Central Ohio is led by Gregg LaSpisa, who took on his current role of executive vice president in Cleveland in 2005. Under LaSpisa’s leadership, this group has received the prestigious President’s Trophy numerous times. The President’s Trophy recognizes the top 10 branches of AXA and is a symbol of the excellence that LaSpisa and his team strive for in the way they go about their work to service customers.

Barnes Wendling CPAs


Jeffrey D. Neuman, CPA, JD
Barnes Wendling CPAs

Outstanding customer service and high client satisfaction at Barnes Wendling CPAs begins with a client’s first interaction with the firm. It is most often with a receptionist answering a phone call and connecting the client to a person who can help. This role is a hub through which all pivotal information flows.

There are two rules of etiquette receptionists practice to attain excellent customer service at the firm led by President Jeffrey D. Neuman, CPA, JD. They do not screen calls and they always answer with a friendly voice and a greeting of “Good morning” or “Good afternoon.” Also, if a team member is not in the office, they will let the caller know and ask if he or she would like to leave a message. They do not automatically send the caller into voice mail.

The main office receptionist has trained receptionists in the firm’s other offices to serve clients with the same degree of first-rate service that she provides. This level of service and attention to detail has been acknowledged by clients time and time again and is a key reason why Barnes Wendling has built a strong reputation for its customer service.

BlueBridge Networks


Kevin Goodman
Managing Director/Partner
BlueBridge Networks

BlueBridge Networks is a leader in comprehensive data center services, security and compliance. The company came into existence as a partnership in 2004 with the aim of taking advantage of an underutilized asset in the Sterling Building, a newly built, $20-million internet data center facility. The company has continued to effectively reinvent itself to keep the facility, human resources, certifications, compliance and LEED standards best in class.

“One of our unique goals and missions has been to become a total IT solution for our customers, thus reducing costs and improving efficiencies while both attracting and retaining jobs in the region,” says Kevin Goodman, managing director and partner at BlueBridge Networks.

BlueBridge’s customer-first approach resonates well with its customers and their IT teams. By working together to solve the issues of a company, BlueBridge and its customers are able to form a powerful and highly efficient team. BlueBridge acts as an extension of the customer’s staff and by being both flexible and nimble, everyone involved is able to work together to come up with the best solution for a given need or problem.

The Brewer-Garrett Co.


Louis G. Joseph
President and CEO
The Brewer-Garrett Co.

It didn’t take long for The Brewer-Garrett Co. to make an impact on Terry Byrne and her team at Care Alliance Health Center.

Recently, Care Alliance’s Mobile Clinic ran into some trouble and was in need of service. These weren’t the typical automotive repairs that often come up for a mobile unit. These issues were more clinical oriented.

“A door hinge became lose and more importantly, the refrigerator where our vaccines are held was not working,” says Byrne, the director of operations at Care Alliance Health Center. “The unit is used almost daily to provide medical and behavioral health care onsite at various homeless shelters around the Cleveland area. It is important to us and our patients. Pulling it out of service for extended periods is not an option.”

Byrne reached out to her contacts at Brewer-Garrett, Gino Costanzo and Tony Cimino. The very same day, Cimino was dispatched to the site where the mobile clinic was seeing patients. He worked on repairs and determined that the problems were a warranty issue.

“This is the kind of service that I have come to know from Brewer-Garrett,” Byrne says of the company led by President and CEO Louis G. Joseph.

Budget Dumpster


Mark Campbell
Budget Dumpster


John Fenn
Budget Dumpster

Co-founders Mark Campbell and John Fenn founded Budget Dumpster to disrupt a waste industry niche — temporary roll-off dumpsters — that was ripe for customer service innovation. Through their own experience in a separate clean-out/junk removal company, the co-founders learned that most waste removal companies cater exclusively to contractors and ignore the often time-consuming needs of first-time, everyday consumers.

By committing themselves to serving this underserved audience nationwide, Campbell and Fenn built a business that has had double-digit revenue growth since its inception in 2005, including 45 percent growth in 2015 alone.

Budget Dumpster now captures over 2,000 inbound calls each day. Because 80 percent of its customers are first-time dumpster renters, the company has intentionally overstaffed and structured itself organizationally to get the customer talking to a live person in 10 seconds and the right team member as quickly as possible.

The Budget Dumpster team consists of 19 customer sales representatives ready to sell dumpsters, seven customer service reps to manage service-related needs, three managers ready to deal with elevated issues and three billing representatives to answer any billing related concerns. The company is committed to exemplary service and makes itself available via email, live chat and social media even outside of normal business hours.

Corporate Screening Services, Inc.


Greg Dubecky
Corporate Screening Services, Inc.

There is no one background screening solution that works for everyone. Background screening needs may vary even within an organization, especially health care organizations.

Corporate Screening Services, Inc. has worked with University Hospitals of Cleveland to design and implement background screening solutions for its medical staff, as well as the volunteers who dedicate their time to the organization, and the medical students who learn there. Each program has differing needs, and Corporate Screening helped UH develop solutions that meet these needs.

Health care is a highly regulated field, and hospitals are required to comply with many laws, regulations and guidelines. As new laws are passed, both statewide and federally, Corporate Screening staff reviews the information with UH, and provides assistance with interpreting how best to comply.

In one example, Corporate Screening’s staff worked closely with UH to ensure its fingerprint program was not only efficient and cost-effective, but that it followed best practices in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), EEOC, state law, and Joint Commission Standards, as well as meeting CMS requirements.

Led by President Greg Dubecky, Corporate Screening has become a trusted resource and steward for customers through its commitment to address every aspect of their unique needs.

Embrace Pet Insurance


Laura Bennett
Co-founder and CEO
Embrace Pet Insurance

Pet health insurance is all about trust, word of mouth and a great experience and superior customer service feeds these pillars of competitive advantage. Embrace Pet Insurance was created by Laura Bennett and Alex Krooglik in July 2003 after they graduated from the Wharton MBA program. The duo spent several challenging years establishing Embrace and laying the groundwork for what the company has become today.

Embrace’s strong commitment to customer service has been recognized by www.petinsurancereview.com, which has consistently ranked the company in the top two. Embrace is also believed to be the only company that asks every pet parent to review the company on every claim – those that get a refund and the few that do not.

As a result, Embrace has the highest number of reviews by far of any company, despite being the eighth in size in the industry.

The company has created the Embrace Customer Bill of Rights, which helps customers understand what they can and should expect in the way of service and how to respond when they have concerns. The demonstration of full transparency provides peace of mind and a standard by which the company expects to be measured.

Event Source


John Bibbo Jr.
Event Source

Event Source rents luxury event products such as furniture, tables, chairs, linens and tabletop accessories to the Midwest’s best event producers, including caterers, florists and venue managers. The company works with clients at a variety of levels depending on where they are in the event process. This could include planning, orders, delivery or post-event evaluation.

President John Bibbo Jr. sees customer service as the ultimate differentiator for Event Source to distinguish it from competitors, rental companies that buy the same product categories in similar styles and from some of the same manufacturers. The basic service of ordering, delivering and picking up is also the same. It’s in that customer service experience that a company can set itself apart from the competition.

Event Source has multiple touchpoints with customers and aims to delight them by being there for whatever they need at every step along the way. Account executives are on the road meeting with customers to clearly understand their needs. Rental specialists help customers through the ordering process and delivery specialists make sure everything is received when and where it’s supposed to go. When these steps are done right, it becomes much easier to earn repeat business.

Executive Caterers


Harlan Diamond
Executive Caterers

For over five decades, Executive Caterers has served the civic, corporate and social communities of Northeast Ohio and beyond. Over that time span, many employees have come and gone, but the company’s mission has always remained the same: treating every guest as a valued member of the Executive Caterers family.

Executive Caterers is led Harlan Diamond, who serves as president and continues to set the tone for putting the customer first in everything the company does.

Planners work with guests on every detail of their event, recognizing the importance of each event to the people involved. In many cases, these events are some of the biggest moments of their lives.

It could be a wedding, a bar/bat mitzvah, an anniversary or birthday celebration, or another memorable occasion worthy of a great party. Executive Caterers holds itself and its team to the highest standards in meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

Customer service is the company’s passion and the driving force behind its track record of success. By making customer service a key differentiator, Executive Caterers has positioned itself as a leader in the event planning business in Northeast Ohio.

Family Heritage Life Insurance Co. of America


Ken Matson
Family Heritage Life Insurance Co. of America

Mother Theresa once said, “Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.” These wise words illustrate the philosophy toward customer service at Family Heritage Life Insurance Co. of America.

At one time, the entire claims team all performed the same functions — working on claims as well as taking incoming phone calls. In order to streamline the process and increase efficiency, the company studied incoming call volumes, length and time of day.

As a result, it was determined that a few claims examiners could be used to form a specific claims call center unit. This would allow the rest of the team to work on claims in an uninterrupted environment. The new protocol has helped Family Heritage Life Insurance reduce the number of claims in process by more than 400 a week.

Allowing claims representatives to work in an uninterrupted environment has drastically improved turnaround time on each individual claims, ensuring a happier customer. Led by President Ken Matson, Family Heritage Life Insurance discovered a better way to serve customers and relieve some of the stress of submitting a claim.



Mitch Kroll

Findaway leads with a service-first attitude. Not only do the company’s sales and customer service teams provide excellent, above-and-beyond attention to respond to customer needs, but the attitude is ingrained in the company at every level from top to bottom.

When Findaway recognized two technical issues after its latest product launch, the company’s teams got to work with manufacturers immediately, adding a double-paned glass screen to its product and resolving an issue with the USB charging cords. Findaway stands behind all of its products with a one-year warranty, and as such, replaced any malfunctioning unit or cord, no questions asked, to guarantee customers had the best available product on their shelves.

Led by CEO Mitch Kroll, Findaway’s Product Replacement and Play It Forward programs ensure that the company’s customers have access to the latest and greatest content at all times, the latter of which also supports a firm commitment to give back to communities in need via a product donation process.

Findaway’s commitment to superior service is evident in its core values: Take responsibility and give respect, embrace change, do what’s right, exceed expectations, work with passion, pursue growth, and find a way.

Hickory Harvest Foods


Darlene Swiatkowski
Hickory Harvest Foods

One of Darlene Swiatkowski’s most important goals as CEO at Hickory Harvest Foods is to keep the company’s more than 500 customers updated and educated about what’s happening in the snack food industry. The commitment to maintain open lines of communication with customers has been a key factor in the company’s ability to retain customers, some of whom have been with Hickory for more than 25 years.

But simple communication is not enough. The manner in which you communicate can become a key differentiator. Answering the phone promptly and responding to questions in a timely manner is critical. You also need to make a regular effort to monitor service levels and address areas of concern promptly as well as have a solid understanding of your business.

Located in Akron, Hickory’s manufacturing facility is complete with the latest automated technology in roasting and packaging equipment. Team members are versed in the latest food safety practices and procedures. Customers are invited to tour the facility and see the company’s processes that ensure a product that is both top quality in both freshness and taste.

Hyatt Legal Plans


Brian Caron
General counsel, vice president
Hyatt Legal Plans

At Hyatt Legal Plans, superior customer service is one of the firm’s key strategies for maintaining and growing its business.

The term “Customer Centricity” is more than just a snappy catch phrase. It represents a directive for how the firm conducts business on a daily basis. New hires to the customer service department who will be answering inbound calls need to be friendly, compassionate people who have at least two years of customer service experience.

The company, led by Brian Caron, who serves as general counsel and vice president, does not use an interactive voice response (IVR) to ensure that callers get help as quickly and efficiently as possible and takes steps to be certain that staffing is sufficient to meet demand during peak times.

Hyatt Legal Plans makes a promise to customers that it will meet the following monthly service objectives: A 95 percent service level, an average speed of answer of eight seconds and an abandonment rate of less than 1 percent. In 2016, the company consistently met and exceeded these objectives with a 95.94 percent service level, an average speed of answer of 2.25 seconds and an abandonment rate of 0.42 percent.

Hy-Tech Products


Mark Paine
President and CEO
Hy-Tech Products

Hy-Tech Products is a distributor of roofing tools, equipment and roof drains. If the wrong product is purchased or if it breaks down, customer profitability suffers because processes stop or run inefficiently, and employees cannot be 100 percent productive.

Mark Paine, president and CEO of Hy-Tech Products, along with his team understand the significant business impact quality tools and support services have on a bottom line.

To that end, Hy-Tech has built its business around one defining principle—to always deliver unmatched customer service. It has developed service systems and processes that ensure customers are given prompt and individualized attention; work with the most qualified representatives and technicians available; and receive the product consultation, training and ongoing support necessary to remain productive and profitable.

Hy-Tech strives to ensure special attention is given to those customers who value its efforts. The company has gone as far as to fire customers it feels repeatedly exploit the measures Hy-Tech takes to deliver world-class customer service.

In turn, it refocuses those resources on loyal customers that value its services. Hy-Tech has taken some of the world’s highest quality roofing tools and equipment and made them even more valuable through its education, service and support.

LaCentre Conference & Banquet Facility


Buddy Kane
General Manager
LaCentre Conference & Banquet Facility

Buddy Kane is not only the general manager of LaCentre Conference & Banquet Facility, but also holds the title of regional manager of Ohio for Arcis Golf.

Under this title, Kane is involved with four Ohio properties: Fox Meadow in Medina, LaCentre in Westlake, Signature of Solon and Weymouth Country Club in Medina.

He has spent many years in hospitality and service management and established a track record that his team believes is worthy of recognition. Kane focuses on making sure clients are well taken care of and their needs are met. He will consistently go out of his way to ensure that his facility goes above and beyond in a client’s expectations by including upgrades and add-ons to wow guests.

Clients enjoy meeting him because he is so incredibly personable, generous and kind. Not only does Kane focus on customer service with clients, but also the “internal clients” as well. He makes sure that the staff, no matter the title, are taken care of, appreciated and celebrated for their hard work. The result is an organization that has routinely been recognized for its exceptional customer service.



Todd Goldstein

LaunchHouse takes a personal approach to entrepreneurship that is not about generating revenue or finding the next “it” startup. Rather, the mission for CEO Todd Goldstein is to build a like-minded community and provide the necessary services that these companies need to grow and sustain. As the first step for idea-stage entrepreneurs, LaunchHouse feels a sense of duty when it comes to helping startups establish a strong foundation.

The LaunchHouse team is comprised of three full-time employees, each of whom are on site daily to act as mentors and advisors for portfolio and member companies, in addition to their LaunchHouse workload. Because there are only so many hours in the day and it’s almost impossible for a founder to be an expert in every aspect of building a business, LaunchHouse staff act like the proverbial “sixth man” when needed.

For example, Stephanie Bartolone, director of marketing and PR at LaunchHouse has helped write and distribute dozens of press releases for LaunchHouse companies. Goldstein provides an average of 10 hours per week of free mentorship to LaunchHouse’s portfolio, members and the broader entrepreneurial community. The company’s passion is startups and it is demonstrated by the willingness to help these companies succeed.

Metropolitan at the 9


Kenny Didier
General Manager
Metropolitan at the 9

Kenny Didier has done nothing less than serve superb customer service throughout his time as General Manager at Metropolitan at the 9.

During the Christmas of 2015, Didier proved his generosity once again.

A woman’s husband had been tragically killed in a car accident and this would be her and her two children’s first Christmas without him. Didier offered the family a complimentary hotel room and a chance to get away and spend Christmas at The 9. A Christmas tree was set up in the hotel room that the staff had fully decorated.

Didier went out and purchased Christmas gifts for both children and milk and cookies were put out in the room Christmas night in anticipation of Santa’s arrival. When the family awoke on Christmas morning, room service delivered a complimentary breakfast for them. The mother and her two children spent Christmas Day at The 9 and thoroughly enjoyed their stay.

This would be a memory that they would never forget.
By providing this act of kindness, Didier demonstrated something much more than just customer service. He delivered a unique experience that had changed a family’s life during an extremely difficult time.

One Wish LLC


Mitch Zlotnik
President and founder
One Wish LLC

Mitch Zlotnik founded One Wish LLC with a desire to help people solve issues. Eleven years later, this is still his No. 1 driving factor for all that he does and that is skillfully exemplified in his team.

His entrepreneurial spirit was foundational in guiding the business to where it is today, the parent company of both Audimute Soundproofing and Medic Batteries. The company has always been driven by the needs (known and unknown) of customers. Thus, when One Wish works with customers, team members take a collaborative approach that first focuses on what issue(s) the customer needs resolved.

Every effort is then made to provide an affordable and timely solution for the customer. One Wish LLC pledges to give 110 percent to all customer types from an individual in need of hearing aid batteries to a hospital in need of soundproofing for every room to ensure patient privacy and wellness.

Each day, employees go out of their way to meet and exceed the expectations of a customer or potential customer to the best of their abilities.

Petitti Garden Centers


AJ Petitti
Petitti Garden Centers

As one of the leading garden centers in the country, Petitti Garden Centers strives for the highest level of customer service and product quality. It is a unique environment that is exciting and fast-paced with friendly, team-oriented and knowledgeable employees.

With expert plant and nursery teams in place, customers are given the best shopping experience that isn’t found in any box store. These teams are dedicated to growing and maintaining quality products and helping customers to do the same.

Their love of plants is clear and people go to the stores knowing they’ll leave with everything they need to accomplish whatever their outdoor task, plan or vision might be. Now led by President AJ Petitti, the Petitti family has devoted a great deal of time and effort over the years to learn more about their customer through engagement surveys, focus groups, website connections and social media outlets.

A huge emphasis is also placed on professional development and education through training, which is offered to all employees. The goal is to employ customer-driven, knowledgeable people who are dedicated to creating a refreshing and extraordinary shopping experience for every customer.



Sean Brauser
Founder and CEO

The goal at Pizzafire is to make a pizza fanatic every time a customer walks in the door. This mantra is carried out by every team member and superior customer service skills are one of the top traits the company looks for in every team member.

Customers have an almost unlimited choice when it comes to choosing a place to eat. They decision is largely based on two equally important factors — quality of food and quality of service.

Led by Founder and CEO Sean Brauser, Pizzafire believes superior customer service is the key element that keeps customers coming back time after time.

In each store, superior customer service starts with every customer being greeted enthusiastically and promptly when they arrive, and continues by any of their requests being responded to with a ‘Yes!’

One of the goals at Pizzafire is to change the mindset of what a pizza place should be with nearly unlimited choices of fresh ingredients, a short wait of 180 seconds for a pizza to be fire-baked and team members who are excited to be there. The fast-casual pizza concept is based providing customers exactly what they want and then some.

Planned Financial Services


Frank Fantozzi, CPA, MT, PFS, CDFA, AIF
Founder and president
Planned Financial Services

Frank Fantozzi, CPA, MT, PFS, CDFA, AIF, founded Planned Financial Services in 1994 to make a difference in the lives of families, business owners and community leaders.

After experiencing events that impacted those closest to him, Fantozzi committed himself to creating a financial and investment management firm to assist clients in pursuing financial freedom and independence so they could experience the life they desired through access to greater choice and direction.

More than two decades later, Fantozzi continues to lead a growing team of experienced financial advisers that seek to provide that access and help people achieve those important goals.

Armed with a clear vision of what financial freedom really meant to hard-working families and business owners, Fantozzi took an innovative approach to an otherwise heavily commoditized industry segment. He knew there was a need for advisers who listened without judging and could help clients align their desired outcomes with their values.

Fantozzi credits his perspective to his upbringing as the first born of an immigrant family. He worked hard for everything he got and holds himself accountable for being a difference maker for his family, community, colleagues and clients.

Rock the House


Matt Radicelli
Founder and owner
Rock the House

Rock The House (RTH) makes superior customer service its competitive advantage by leveraging and highly publicizing its money-back guarantee.

The production and entertainment industries are highly subjective and having a money-back guarantee is unheard of, except at Rock the House. If a product or service that the company provides doesn’t meet a customer’s needs, or the customer is not happy with it, it’s free.

Rock the House is proud to say that less than half of 1 percent of its gross revenues were paid out as refunds last year. Led by Founder and Owner Matt Radicelli, the RTH team knows that it’s empowered to enact the guarantee at any time, whether the company is solely accountable or not. When you’re able to remove the risk from a transaction, it’s always a good thing.

If a DJ accidentally plays an instrumental during the first dance at a wedding, a RTH team member would step up immediately, advocate for the customer and recommend a refund. If a wireless microphone has unrecoverable interference issues during a meeting, RTH would enact the guarantee and fix the problem to the best of its ability in the moment.

Skoda Minotti


Gregory J. Skoda
Skoda Minotti

Skoda Minotti recently received the Best of Accounting Award from Inavero, a Portland, Oregon-based professional services company that helps clients more easily and effectively survey their own clients. This is the second time Skoda Minotti has received the honor and this year, the firm received a client satisfaction score of nearly three times higher than the industry average.

Led by Chairman Gregory J. Skoda, Skoda Minotti’s origins date back to 1980 when one founding member recognized the need to serve a niche market of small to midsized companies. The vision was to provide more than accounting services to clients and help these businesses grow and achieve greater success.

With more than 250 partners and employees, Skoda Minotti operates out of four offices and offers a wide range of services to individuals, businesses and nonprofit organizations.

The firm’s mission is to “deliver on the promise” and be an integral contributor to the success of clients through its team of experienced professionals. By fostering an environment that maximizes personal and professional growth and focusing on the core values of teamwork, family and innovation, Skoda Minotti has become a leader in helping its clients grow.

Staffing Solutions Enterprises


Sue Ann Naso
Staffing Solutions Enterprises

Staffing Solutions Enterprises is a women-owned business specializing in career matchmaking and recruitment solutions.

For the past 42 years, the company has delivered expert recruitment services that have exceeded the expectations of its clients. Under the leadership of President Sue Ann Naso, Staffing Solutions fulfills its commitment to excellence in service through innovation, customization and responsiveness.

The company offers recruitment solutions for every phase in the recruitment life cycle in an effort to unite the right person with the right team. The world of staffing and recruiting is very competitive. The team at Staffing Solutions believes the success of a recruiting firm is based on the ability to ease the burden of a hiring shortage on a company.

Often times, this comes at critical moments involving sensitive situations, or may involve a complex project with many moving contractual parts. Employees are the most important and sensitive asset a company has.

The responsibility of employing key members of a team is one that Staffing Solutions takes seriously. In order to provide the highest rate of success, the company provides the highest level of customer service to make sure customers always feel important and wowed with every interaction.