How Skoda Minotti ensures accuracy as well as exceptional client service

When Greg Skoda, one of the founders of Skoda Minotti and now chairman, helped launch the accounting and consulting firm, he put into effect a client-focused platform — believing that the firm should deliver on the promise of excellent client service just as seriously as it should ensure technical accuracy.

To that end, when employees answered a recent survey question, “What is our competitive advantage?” the response was “client service.”

Client service continues to be recognized as a key part to the future growth of the firm as it strives for continuous improvement.

A seven-stage Client Service Experience Cycle defines the steps to an optimum client relationship — client setup, internal planning, external planning, fieldwork, delivery, debriefing meeting and relationship management.

Within those seven areas are four categories: service defects, operational, experiential and above-and-beyond. Skoda Minotti expects that the operational and experiential levels will be met. However, the staff strives to reach the above-and-beyond level as well with every client.

This ambitious process helps allow the engagement team to meet and exceed a client’s goals throughout the year. Even the names of awards given to employees reinforce the values and goals of Skoda Minotti. For example, the “Delivering on the Promise,” “You Kept the Promise” and “Above and Beyond” awards recognize excellence in those categories.

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