A better mousetrap

Today’s restaurant customers demand faster, more accurate and
responsive service when placing to-go orders, a demand O-Web
Technologies Ltd. is meeting with ONOSYS: Online Ordering

Studies have shown that more than 30 percent of casual dining
customers use the Web sites of their favorite restaurants to gather
information or place orders. ONOSYS takes advantage of that by
providing smart online ordering solutions, delivering real-time
ordering data that lets restaurant owners manage their businesses
more effectively.

The system allows patrons to place orders quickly, conveniently
and securely through a restaurant’s Web site, even allowing them to
preorder during off hours.

In addition to ensuring the restaurant fills the order correctly, the
system benefits restaurant owners by including automatic up-selling
driven by an artificial intelligence engine that determines what items
to suggest based on user history. It also provides an e-mail campaign
manager that lets restaurants target consumers by specific criteria
and has features that allow individual restaurants within a chain to
be run independently yet still allow for a systemwide menu update
to be done in minutes.

The system allows restaurants to collect and store information
for marketing purposes and gives owners more control over their
businesses by giving them the ability to market to sections of their
demographic individually. It also keeps employees less focused on
the phones and more focused on serving the customer better food,

O-Web Technologies’ partners — Senior Product Executive Alex
Yakubovich, Senior IT Executive Oleg Fridman and Senior Sales
Executive Stan Garber — have garnered a number of clients since
debuting the system late last year, including Geppetto’s, Quiznos,
Hungry Howie’s, Mr. Hero, Pizza Pan, Dunkin’ Donuts and Qdoba.
And as the only Northeast Ohio-based online ordering system
provider, the company expects that client list to continue to grow.

HOW TO REACH: O-Web Technologies Ltd., www.onosys.com or www.owebtech.com