A better relationship

Jennifer Downey, President, Ambiance

Shopping for relationship enhancement products is not quite as easy and straightforward as picking up a gallon of milk in the local grocery store. That’s why Jennifer Downey, president of Ambiance, the self-labeled “store for lovers” puts a strong focus on ensuring the customer feels as comfortable buying an intimate product as he or she would picking up a loaf of bread.

Because Ambiance customers are shopping for highly intimate and even some possibly embarrassing items, the store hires employees who can put customers at ease. Employees of the company use exceptional service and attention to detail to help each customer get what he or she came to the store for.

Becoming an Ambiance employee or a “romance consultant” is no easy task. Potential hires go through a four- to six-week training period and have to pass a 22-page exam. If they pass, they are promoted from trainee to romance consultant and customers can be certain they are being helped by a knowledgeable employee.

Ambiance believes that customers should not only feel confident that they are getting value and quality, but they should be reassured they are not being judged for being in the store. That’s why Ambiance creates trust with their customers. Romance consultants perfect the trustworthy trait through the store’s “Think Like a Customer” program.

The program teaches employees an understanding of the customers and the reasons they shop at the store. Employees focus on reassuring customers that their interest in Ambiance is healthy, positive and nothing to be embarrassed about. Romance consultants are always nonjudgmental. They show understanding and will always look to offer ideas, inspiration and support as well as products.

Ambiance’s empathy with its customers and their desires is the cornerstone to helping them overcome nervousness about shopping for personal and intimate items they would normally be hesitant to shop for. Ambiance’s dedication to customer service and trust is what makes a nervous first-time buyer a repeat customer.

HOW TO REACH: Ambiance, (440) 234-6996 or www.ambiance.com