A handbook of virtues

Developing a comprehensive company handbook helps ensure your employees know exactly what’s expected of them.

“They set the standards, rules, regulations and benefits of working at an organization,” says Nicki Artese, vice president of advertising at the Reserves Network-an HR resource organization that, among other things, helps companies write handbooks. “In a time when employment law is becoming more complex and more sophisticated, it’s a matter of protection that everything is spelled out.”

Because workplace issues change rapidly-smoking policies, personal phone call rules, personal appearance mandates, workplace dating regulations and sexual harassment laws, to name a few-it’s imperative to continuously update existing handbooks. Artese recommends changes be made as addenda so each employee can sign and acknowledge that they understand the new policies and there are no questions later.

Legal issues aside, Artese says handbooks are not just additional insurance policies for employers, they’re useful public relations tools for new hires. “They set the corporate culture,” she says. “They describe the benefits and help the employee buy into the company’s philosophies for an easier transition to become part of the team.” SBN

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