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Eleanor Alvarez, President, LeaderStat LLC

Eleanor Alvarez, President, LeaderStat LLC

Eleanor Alvarez attributes LeaderStat LLC’s steady growth to its dedication to matching, not just placing, talented professionals with post-acute and senior care providers. The company uses a custom profiling process to ensure a good fit with clients. By first identifying and recruiting based on an organization’s specific needs and culture, LeaderStat can then place individuals deemed compatible in interim, consulting and permanent positions.

As company president, Alvarez provides consulting and management support to more than 500 long-term care clients nationally. Her management experience in long-term care both as a provider and a consultant allows her to understand the needs of both the health care company and the employee.

Because of her success at providing personalized service, Smart Business, U.S. Bank and Blue Technologies named Alvarez to the 2011 class of Columbus Smart Leader honorees. She explained how innovative recruiting, combined with cutting-edge technology and a creative environment, allows the company to make a significant difference in the quality of patient care and services.

Give us an example of a business challenge you and/or your organization faced, as well as how you overcame it.

The limited availability of outside capital has been a challenge for us. Our growth has been totally supported by our own cash over our 10 years of operation. While we still attained steady growth through our own financing, we could grow more quickly with outside capital.

In what ways are you an innovative leader, and how does your organization employ innovation to be on the leading edge?

We believe that our success in finding and placing talented leadership in the post-acute and senior living setting is greatly enhanced through our use of technology. We invested in a dynamic recruitment database to support our executive placement efforts. In addition, we are leveraging videoconferencing systems for high-level interviews to increase effectiveness and decrease travel costs.

We also recognized that our office environment was critical to our performance. We needed a new space to accommodate our growth as our company expanded in Columbus. We searched for a creative, open environment that is exciting and motivational. We found a great location with big open spaces, huge windows, outdoor decks, walking paths and a lake in a scenic setting. Our new office has greatly added to our quality of life. We are attracting a higher level of staff and seeing increased energy and productivity in our team.

How do you make a significant impact on the community and regional economy?

Our greatest impact is bringing talented leadership to long-term care facilities. We improve the lives of our elders and the quality of care and services for patients by placing dedicated professionals with them who make a difference. We are proud to have served more than 800 clients nationwide, bringing them both short-term and long-term management solutions. It is rewarding to serve such an important sector of the health care arena.

How to reach: LeaderStat LLC, (877) 699-7828 or www.leaderstat.com

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